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  • There is needed heavy editing with transfer to new lexicon for most of entries. Old formatting not looks good here and mainly new portal do not use bbcodes for text format. I quickly looked on ships entries and here are two: Adonis, Chimera which were reworked. New lexicon (how you see --> it is valid for whole portal) now can easily place images on sides of text (float left, right) and this remove the need use tables etc. Also lexicon do not need use bbcode, word is automatically detected in t…
  • IF we want support here on portal more games (I think yes ) and is not possible separate lexicon for different games then use of bbcode is imo better (imo). ... Sad panda here bcs I like how it automatically detect words ... but ...
  • Just one first example how can look systems entries in lexion: Sea of Shadows.
  • With adding updated maps and repairing code, there is also newly added short description for each system. ... grammar used in these descriptions for sure will like "polishing" and can be updated/expanded as needed. Especially for clan systems there can be added more, to catch visitors interest. Or can be added something from history and link it with articles in wiki (campaign is imported, more will come) Custodian Nomads Lair Sea of Shadows
  • Vega and Tarsus
  • Telosis and Enyo
  • Is needed more pictures (screenshots) for various things (mainly stations) in CF, please look replies here: Bugs in Lexicon - SWAT Portal (four pages atm). I've added some entries from 1st page, but there is more you can get and upload it into your gallery. I can then add this picture into lexicon (it will be linked there with your album).
  • wombat1940 these posts are directed to everyone who like play CF, don't mind taking ingame objects (stations etc.) images (screenshots) and upload them to portal gallery. It have nothing to do with systems mapping.
  • Far Point updated ... I think have found the final version/look of format for systems entries, text describing system is put inside tabmenu tabs which resolves wide gap when is first used headline (tabs use padding/margin? and headlines use them too ... together it's a little too much). I will slowly continue updating one by one.
  • This info is related more to CF wiki, where was reworked ships entry: Ships - SWAT Portal ... all tables there are now sortable. If you want compare ships using base values, you can do it now easily.
  • Omicron Alpha, Tau-37, Tohoku, Death Valley updated, Lost Paradise is wip, some of bases missing pictures acquired and updated corresponding lexicon entries. Thx to Ajay was aded description for Sovetskaya. New system maps use now one picture containing coordinates .. this works better on smaller resolutions when previously used table not worked too well.
  • Updating to Systems continues, here one example: Vespus ... it use also one from really nice possibilities how to add images from gallery into article. Lexicon entries coding is cleaned/optimised too.
  • Did similar enhancement for Nephele (.. had these images already, better have them in gallery as on my laptop HDD only)
  • (Quote from wombat1940)Will be there (working my stuff in advance ) like I did just now for New York