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  • Not another counting thread.. OMG... If you feel so bored why arent you helping with modding? Use the time for something useful instead!
  • (Quote from Drale) Where do I pursue other people not to like it because I dont? Couting is different - aha. Then i have missed something in school Sure you have no skills, but you can search and find pictures with proper numbers to post them here. Its not we dont have modding work to do where you need to search for pictures and assign them to something. Something where you totally uber skilled must be. I will remind people asking when the Mod will be ready and give them the excuse, we are sorr…
  • (Quote from Huor)No I dont close it. I meant you shall continue and with you i didnt meant you Drale in particular. I spoke to all the plural you. Sorry - should have made this via PM but i didnt. And now keep posting your number pictures if you all are happy with it PS: BTW we dont have moderating powers here in this forum!
  • did you know that you get from Wanderers complex math by just adding to his calculations another prime number, which is 3