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  • granted, but as soon you hold them in your hand, you get robbed by mean pirates. i wish for nothing, im happy at all
  • granted, but as soon you own it.. a tsunamie will come over there for a short visit i still wish for nothing. and im happy at all, even without a motorcycle
  • granted, but its programmed in arabic now I wish for less packages to have to deliver tomorrow
  • granted, but as soon as you take of, you will get amnesia (and forget how to fly) so you will have an heavily crash back to basic. I wish my wife wouldn't treat me to eat all the time
  • granted, but now you are turning gay and move to china I wish I would do better in learning chinese and arabic.
  • granted, but now your computer keeps crashing instead I wish I would be god's reincarnation after getting killed because of the accidentily offending the arabic sheik's wife.
  • granted, but now you are the weird one to everyone else. I wish that Mr Hägar does find a present for his Mrs Hägar. (wow, it seems that I do have my social day today)
  • granted. and spiky is going to inhale this soup i wish spiky would get more of his own soup, so that he can take a bath in it
  • granted (built by matchbox ) i wish for nothing
  • granted, but its made for chinese, taiwanese, japanese and korean ebooks only. I wish for a bunch of fleas attacking burro on his private parts, while he is sleeping.
  • granted, but this time its free of caffein, has lack in taste and looks pretty much like dark tea. I wish for a victim who scratches burro's flea's
  • granted, you get all in one.. cookies soaked with the tea.. eerhm .. coffee and some more cookies right on the bottom of the tea ..eerhm coffee cup I still wish for a victim, not for being the victim. yuk
  • granted, you get it for all the money you have, but as soon you have this broadband, your pc crashes totally, and you are not able to get a new one, since you are bankrupt. I wish for flea's all over assault
  • granted, you get a chainsaw, but there is no gasoline filled into it, and also no gasoline available all around. I wish for all other peoples wishes get granted