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  • ..AZ for actually waiting for his trailing space tin can to catch up on him ..and having the nerve while doing so to jump onto Back To The Future's Time Machine only to arrive today sans a deluge of coffee for the rest of us pile-a-lots thingee. Cuppa that..Friendchey --send from-out Spacebar Inn Sufficient, inni?--
  • *invites Mitch for mixing even more conundrum to the perfect mess, for being by far too demanding and: lets proper peppermint tea drop onto the zuckerberg* Hey bandit, you howl and growl like a wolf-gangster. Are the hair tops aching of the growing winter fur? walk the space bar then. ..TalkingOfWhich, in 2o15, at the near mISS, did they throw soap and towel along with a glass of water. ..catching soft werewolves unaware. Ca-tchingeling
  • three astronauts outside the airlock is a nice crowd to perceive, innit? Who has bent the time & space fabric then? let's go back inside, shall we? and you AZ may continue patrolling the Theory Nebular in the midst of the Peasoup Cloud for acting such an apt spacesuit designer, you fashion p'rat. ..iMean well over-dressed, cake-thievin' corsair.
  • sooo, Really? you then, although apparently knowing too much of cosmix laws to be healthy, for yourself walking space-lanes in the wrong direction. AZ highway patrol? tell him about your rites, disable his communication cable. Houst'n, "Ja hallol." AZ, please...
  • ..a fine weather friend you are. That'll most definitely block any forum access in complete the cosmos. At least in the known. ...but for a nice lil fee you could get a black market picture postcard stamp for your very cool collection, sorta.
  • Boy group band all predecessors proper for thinking pop charts are a way to navigate with. Three times, bang bang big bang. Now bend over. ...would slap Chip, your shoulder pet on its back, Mikey, if it wasn't displayin' its teeth.
  • Alpha to Zebra, one till all the way to twenty-six, o9er's keyboard marked, hit and sunk. Thingey, ta da. That's worse than no access, innit?! Chip,the shoulder pad munk of Michael's adds, "Go give him all you've got and trap that drat mouse of his as well, ta teetotaller. Let's wait how he comes out of this tight corner in the oval office, casablanca. And no coffee, break or spacebar for that phievin' bandit."