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  • FACEPALM... Thread is fallimg to offtopic?
  • can only agree with one comment below. (Quote)
  • Indeed. Loyalist missile deflection was a lot more useful in vanilla Supreme Commander though, when tacmissiles tracked their targets.
  • FLAKKING FLAMESTRIKES. I'm gonna have a control-gasm.
  • (Quote)Basically my match with some Priest from yesterday (except I was playing as Mage). Last turn he had 26 hp due to healing (I did quite a work on his face before), I nailed him with one hell of a damage burst: Doomcaller (7 attack) + Bog Creeper (6) + Fireball x2 (6 each, 12 total) + ping (1 damage), everything to the face.Then again, that was well after 10th turn, and I did indulge in wiping his board. I love the smell of Flamestrike in the morning.
  • Mirror Entity + Potion of Polymorph is fun when played in right order. Now it's Frozen Clones(2 copies into hand)->Mirror Entity(summons a copy for your side)->Potion of Polymorph(turns the minion into a 1/1)->Exploding Runes(deals 6 damage, excess damage carries over to opponent's face), though.