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  • granted,but you lose all sence of manners wich makes you an outcast in society i wish for living people to experiment and reacearsh on them
  • granted , it`s happening in a movie on a chanell that is not aviable to you i wish for that quarted in spiky`s sig to dissapier [613]
  • granted , but the party organizer misunderstood your request and now your having a hot party with fat chicks i wish to be a rubber man
  • granted , all your body freezes in to ice and you die from painfull intoxication death while your lungs turn into ice cristals and shater (rubber man actuall i think would impress the ladies :P) i wish to be a vampire
  • (i wouldn`t care aout girls i would be inmortal [641]granted and you fail agen i wish to be blind
  • granted ,the world is now a beutifull place to live on and ther is world peace (i hope your lucky) i wish to be able to see agen
  • granted but you don`t have any licenses to fly it i wish to be gey
  • ?????????....what? whatever granted ,you destroy the universe i wish i would finde a time machine and go back in time to the Dark period and stay ther to live a humble life by my own