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  • It was really funny Race path. ... Nice selection Cro @Girogi: One more time congrats m8! ... personally I was really happy that I received participation payment for this failure from my side. Did the same with full cargo from Inner Core ... I fear that my keyboard might suffer some damage
  • (Quote from Giorgi)... do not provoke ... grrrrrrr ....
  • Please update rules with TL disrupting ... I cannot find it here and in space is easily miss this very important info. (guess how I know this )
  • It was me who had problem with TL disrupt but my bad bcs I almost completely missed/misunderstand info given before race start (my apology for this) ... experience gained and I look forward for next race (mines launcher already upgraded on my ship ) I used little different route as p0x or Black~Svvord and without mistakes it might be much better time. (I found faster** end part but too late ) Custodian -> New York -> Colorado -> Sea of Shadows -> Colorado -> New York -> Texas -> Bering -> Texas…
  • Results for Race 23.08.2013 1st place prize was 40 mill2nd place prize was 20 mill3rd place prize was 10 mill + 10 mill for joining event Start: Arena.Waypoints: Hokkaido, Honshu, Omicron Theta, Omega-3 and Edinburgh. End: Dublin (Battleship Hood).Note: Hovis was pleased with this race! Winner was (Fallen)Sto4 (Mercenaro) and Award grand racer CONGRATZ! in time 33 min 43 sec.2nd place was Kent9000 in time 41:483rd place was Original_Seven in time 43:044th place was Freelancer1 in time 58:505th …
  • Nice chosen route ... atached few SS from Dublin
  • hehe yy, this one was rly nice ... Congrats to winner, it was rly nicely done
  • Result for race 10.10.2015 Start: Arena Checks: Shikoku, Sigma-13, Tau-23 End: Dublin (Battleship Hood) Racers: Apache_AH64 - 25:00 min! rly nice race time! |DP|funenne - 26:55 Alien.Hunter - 27:36 Thanhrui - 37:00 - his 1st race event! |TSH|ShadowsFreaker - 54:00 - RL stepped in. Thx all who decided to come and participate, it was interesting to watch how were paths chosen! Good speed and see you next weekend!