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  • (Quote from Michael) I second this. If you shoot me a PM with what needs updating, i'll be happy to ninja into Crossfire and get that info for you to update. I just don't know what needs it. Unless you know a better way than going in and looking for each piece of hardware, each ship, each station card plus stat's for all that. If i were to do that, you'd have to pay me hourly and we all know this is all a volunteer effort on OP's part. And we appreciate all his and the staff's efforts for shizz…
  • @Michael No worries buddy @OP So with the process you've laid out, that's looks like a good couple days worth of downtime. I'm sure it's possible but it will require many cups of coffee i suspect.
  • as long as it's not Cambridge Analytica.....
  • are there gonna be any bots for the discord to keep the spammers n hackers away? No need for music bots those are annoying af