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  • Lol guys, what is wrong with disrupting?I disrupt few trade lines just for fun, same way as the other racer do, then newcomer throw some insults, then i decide to end this in old fashion way-with guns and without chat, then we had some duels and at the end newcomer finally figure out what's going on and said GFS and good race. Nothing more and nothing less.No need for drama or for voting.-imo Good race btw, (i've stuck 2 times in docking sequence and was forced to relog, but shit happens).Also …
  • Yeah, congrats to Azimut!Dude u have guts^ ^
  • Ok yes, by mistake i start from Manhattan, which i said btw, but in the middle of the race i dropped my favorite beer in Theta so i decided to go back from O 11 to Theta and wandering around waiting for others to come.