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  • Hi! I would like to ask for help. Approx. 1 hour ago banned from the game server. I would like to know the cause of it, and also the possibility of reverting. Thank you everyone for your help in this matter.
  • Hi (NOB) Apache! ASF characters boat after launching it, put it down, and then the other character Redemption nal account after you started, there was a BANNED.Bugtrackerbe beírva.Sorry
  • Ajay. These characters have been through during 1.9 mod. The assets acquired are not there I changed. Cloaking device may be inside the crystal, the other not.I'll try to check!
  • Ayaj. The bugtracker written the prohibition. The history of her too. I love the game. Accordingly, you now have to leave a few days on the server. I just like to understand where I made a mistake. I would like to solve this. I want to play again. ASSISTED were thank you!
  • Thx help!
  • Dear Michael! Cheers! If I have made you happy with this, be it! But since I like the game and I am looking forward to new updates, not just portal level, but also inside the game, so I'll start it again. I hope because I'm a weak player, will not I be kicked out of the server before?
  • Sorry, if I did wrong or did not understand it. But if I understood it, did I get "banned" from the server? Although I tried to look at it sometimes and see if my player characters on the server are still there, but I understand that since I was not constantly up there, I was banned. Of course, I would be interested in saving my money, but I'm afraid that because I do not know the language, do not let me know something again. Unfortunately, I can only interpret things with Google Translate! That…
  • Sajnálom admin! De azt hiszem, a tilalom igaz, mert nem tudtam futni az előző játékomban, a Crossfire szerveren. Ahogy olvastam, és látom, hogy a portál frissül, csak gratulálni tudok, sajnos nem tudok sokat hozzájárulni az adományozás szintjéhez. Sajnos nem beszélöm a nyelvet, ezért nehéz megérteni (Google Fordító stb.). Most úgy gondolom, hogy a portál miatt jól csinálod, nem sokat kell sírnod, csak mondd meg, hogy valamilyen módon könnyebben újra tudom indítani a játékot. Köszönjük a segítsé…
  • Thanks Michael for a quick response. Regardless of this, I have to look at the time. well set up because I can not find my game previously on the server! And thanks for the perfect translation!
  • Dear Michael! Thanks for the help, you know there was a bit of confusion at the machine replacement and not the ID that was set for what it should have been! Thanks to you, now I am a good ID and I have all my ships! Thanks again for directing attention to ID change!
  • Thanks to FLAM for me on my own machine and I have the saved ID, so thank you so much for giving me your attention, all my characters have it! Thanks!
  • Very Tanks!