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  • Melody is fine, but the background sound effects weird me out. Since I'm jumping on this bandwagon, I'm gonna throw in about the only song with a girl's name I know that wouldn't be "Lil' Katie"
  • Yeah, that reminds of something The Offspring or Sektor Gaza would sing... I was just pulling your leg, Sektor Gaza has some even dirtier stuff. I'm gonna take a leaf from OP's song for this
  • You're better just believe me. in case, Rhiza is that green-haired Aeon lady from SCFA).
  • Well, I planned to eventually post it; isn't like I'm getting that song out of my head anytime soon. And, I think this would also count, IDK. Also because I managed to more or less pick the general melody of it on guitar (just fingerstyle so far, nothing fancy) yes, I managed to pick "Lil' Katie" too. This kind of songs generally has a rather simple melody and is easy to pick up by ear.)
  • Hmm, never heard of that. Then again, I'm not a walking Wikipedia, contrary to the popular
  • I'm surprised nobody has posted this