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  • just reading from bed on phone, looks rly good and definitely much better mobile suppor.
  • (Quote from SWAT_OP-R8R)I'm OK with black one, but bright is better if outside under sun. If is possible add bright (mobile), then go for it (Quote from wombat1940) ...
  • There is some new issue with notifications, it's related to added clan boards/chat?
  • Created new ticket, I thought you saw it.…t/20-notifications-error/
  • Adding wiki will need quite allot of time, it is not just simple copy/paste. Luckily OP is doing miracles with all this new stuff, included bugs fixing and optimizations.
  • Discord is good communication tool and can be used for fast communication included voice. I would set there for start public and admins channel (text and voice). Adminis channels should be restricted (can be set also how is visible, or if persons can write/ or only read etc.), discord allows set permissions as needed included administration. I use it daily and intensively also on phone, so far the best communication tool I tried. In times when there are technical issues is also perfect way how t…
  • History - SWAT Portal was transferred into new wiki. There is something what I almost forget in unofficial history tab and this is possibility add points to CF 2.0 time-line ... and there is more stuff which can be added included some latest clans (Republic Alliance or Praetorian Guard) and build of Deep Space 17 base in the Inner Core!) ... who like writing stories, here is nice area for this
  • CF Wiki transfer is almost done, remains weapons and equipment only. I already did more repairs to links in articles (especially those leading to new server pages and rules), but Im sure I missed some. If you find something, please open ticket or make thread (or send me PM). Updating of Lexion entries is WIP (there is need more edits).
  • Wiki content transferred.
  • I use phone very often for access portal and these changes mentioned above are much welcomed!