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  • this is cyberpunk 2077 and it looks awesome they made a concept trailer back in 2013 and here they are back again with actual gameplay I'm so hyped for this game looks amazing watch the gameplay and you'll understand why ?
  • EA has no hold over it so I'm looking forward to it ?
  • I know I can't wait for it and the Devs are really good guys they actually care about there fans and customers unlike EA and Activision so there will be no micro transactions and all that stuff you get what you pay for ATM there is no release date because they don't want to release it till it's ready
  • yeah Im buying it soon as possible
  • i cant wait for this game ive already pre ordered xD
  • yeah this is true i never preorder now a days but CDPR Got good track record from what ive seen so i made a preorder on so The team that are making it get 100% of the money they deserve i went for standered edition as its a good price and whats included in the in the physical edition of the SE has better stuff in it than most Deluxe editions these days lol i also liked the fact that they said "There will be NO microtransactions you get what you pay for"
  • Yeah I learned from black ops 4 became a shitshow lol but I got faith in people who are making it I don't expect it too be perfect but I know it's gunna be great and also I think the gameplay reveal is at pax west at end of August