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  • Hi all,kudos for the awesome mod! It would be great if it didn't crash every now and then Mostly it happens inside stations (it has never crashed in open space as far as I can remember)When I'm clicking on various news it will crash at some point. Not every time but ALWAYS when I have blank white rectangle instead of logo in the news window:pasted-from-clipboard.pngWhen logo is displayed, I can browse news safely. Now if I close the bar screen when logo was blank, inevitably the game will crash …
  • Nope, applies to all stations so far
  • Yes, it does,(Code, 22 lines)
  • It's not like that always. This is what I observed so far...1. launch CF launcher2. launch Freelancer (SP) from the launcher3. load game -> puts you in station if it's a regular player save (no autosave)4. go to bar -> I can see the texture there normally, I experience no crashes5. switch through various station rooms, go back to bar, the texture is still there6. leave the station to space, dock in other station (didn't try docking back to the same I just left), all rooms are fine, even bar, no …
  • OK - here are the event logs from the time the game crashed in the bar (the texture where the logo should be was blank again) - still don't know exactly when this happens or what the pattern is. I have an idea, but would need some time to investigate.Edit: I thought that it might be caused by Alt-Tabbing to Windows, but I could not confirm it. Then it occured to me that maybe it happens when the news content I want to display is different from the previous one that I had displayed without proble…
  • Too large to attach here, so find it on my google drive
  • I'll give it a run right away
  • OK, visited around 10 stations across 3-4 different systems and no more crashes with this version of the file. Good job
  • Well, I dunno - if it's of any worth these are my card's sepcifications:pasted-from-clipboard.pngAnd don't worry, I'll report any other crashes I might encounter down the road. I've started a new SP campaign and I am some credits short of Mission 09... With luck, I won't hit any issue in original FL campaign - I am a bit worried about entering Sol but it's still a moderately distant future and hopefully my saves are now not corrupted (as they were before if you remember from the other thread by …
  • Oh, got it again, Mission 21: Smugglers Journey on planet Crete in Omicron Gamma - clicked on news, bam, blank texture, followed by a crash in a few seconds (btw, I can speed up the crash if I click quickly through various news) - I'm still using that patched file you provided.So far it's been the only base with the problem after I started using your fixed file.
  • no, I haven't done any updates for a long while now and I have the orig file (with extension .orig) next to the patched one - that was the first thing I've checked
  • The same happened in Arles Station, Alsace when I first landed there during story mission