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  • CG trade.jpgIn short, this trading CG lasting from 7th to 14th October offers nice chance how to get Fleet Carrier (personal megaship), including additional internal services/modules, for discount prices (from 10 to 30% depending how CG will end) from 15th October for one week. There are two places, first in Colonia system (place approx 22000 ly far from Sol) and Alkor (approx 80 ly from Sol) where are centres for this CG. Only Fleet Carrier alone costs 5 billions, so in case of 30% discount can…
  • Colonia part of CG finished (Tier 5/5), Bubble is going close to 3/5 (there is set much higher load of cargo, but also much more participants). Few views (playing on GFN) from travel:CG02.jpgCG03.jpgCG06.jpgCG04.jpgCG05.jpg