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  • Hello guys, this is my first post.I have been level 15, in Chugoku, where everyone seems become my enemy, except Blood Dragons. I even have no idea whether prison allows me to dock or not in this reputation. *sigh*When I'm in mission, suddenly I can't click and drag to maneuver my ship. My ship can't turn and in the process, I receive all shots enemies release. Very bad experience.I have tried hit space button to change mode, but it's useless. The indicator still shows the arrows where reticle p…
  • (Quote from SWAT_OP-R8R)Overlay? Is auto night light which turn monitor slightly warmer hue counted as overlay? If it is yes, it means that is the culprit. 🤦‍♂️
  • (Quote from Ajay)Ooo, I see. Thanks for the info. Time to harvest all of those sweet and juicy escape pods. 😈Should I keep avoiding everyone or I can retaliate everyone except AF and Police?
  • Okay, I understand, all except Bretonian AF and Police.Thanks again for the info.