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  • hey there, today i invented a new ingame-space-pastime-minigame: i call it: Debris-ballobject of the game is to maneuver debris through space to another selected target, in this case a jumpgate... maybe it will get more followers^^ (i was bored dammit!)
  • whoever can tell me what or where this picture was taken... gets a cookie
  • nope
  • Yep its in the entrance to inner sphere, but you cant simply go through there :pfirst you need to go to the "edge" of the sphere, there you "fall" into space and can go beneath the sphere's surface :b
  • i want to play this now *_* i just wet my pants awmigawd :3 (not actually a star trek fan, but his mod looks really nice)
  • Ok! this is actually something awesome, indeed! Im looking so straight forward for this actually new game one matter in self-interest: is it actually possible to give the planets(and/or stations) an own orbit in space? so it would be literally like a dynamic universe?
  • heya i have something new from the chimera-exploration: a view behind the walls of cube arena (- why arent there any events? )
  • imo people who think that others who drive fast are idiotic have fear to drive on the road and/or cant drive a car properly (>90% of population).... get off ma damn streets, sunday drivers!
  • Huor, you think german, practically: for you, a car is a tool. for people like me, it's a toy and therefor we love to drive fast or in german words: "fährste quer, siehste mehr" or you are just then a good driver when the flies stick on your sidewindows it's the adrenalin-push that makes it so special, we give a shit on advantage or whatever, only the fun counts nothing more
  • as i said, you see cars as tools for getting you from a to b... yes indeed, such toys are expensive and consume a lot of time, but the fun with it is totally worth it.p.s. i hate summer, too - winter is even more fun to drive