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  • I was on it yesterday in cinema in 3D and I need to say that I enjoyed all these 2,5 hours long movie ...
  • Ha, these passengers looks really as something what I want to see! Thx!
  • I was on this yesterday in cinema and very enjoyed it. Warner Bross I hope finally learned that little fun scenes are good to have in "action" movie (Ive watched Batman vs Superman week earlier and this movie is very different in regard of "fun" scenes).
  • I was yesterday on Captain Marvel ... need to say that I was unsure what to expect (bcs trailers were not so appealing; offic trailer is one page earlier, here). And it was very good time spent in cinama and I enjoyed this movie allot. And its ending is ... well, yes! I like it . Sometimes trailers reveal all the best from movie, this time it was completely opposite.
  • Thx for info about Alita, looking forward to see this movie myself. ... and I doubt that it will be easy going for Avengers in incoming Endgame, Thanos was build like really tough villain
  • Alita is really good movie! Thx for this tip! Above posted comparison with Cpt.Marvel is good one, CM clearly could be done much better (and there was imo very good story potential for it imo). I for sure will want to go into cinema if there will be Alita II filmed.
  • SWAT_OP-R8R did you saw Avengers Endgame already? I was very curious how will be added Captain Marvel, and it was done nicely (imo). Despite her's powers she was not the main figure (maybe at the end of the Top20 ). I do not want spoil this movie to those who did not saw it yet, but I think that it is very decent ending of this long saga.
  • That moment with Loki makes me laugh . Who know, there still is huge potencial for further stories. One can think about if he is dead or alive, hard to tell, these things doesn't seem as permanent in the realm of Marvel universe For further evolvement: Spiderman could be one from ways how to continue (even if he is not my personal favourite character), he is young actor and I'm curious how will look that new incoming movie "Far from Home". Avengers as a "whole" or team could end, or maybe that …
  • (Quote from SWAT_OP-R8R) ... ... ok, will wait for Huor to see this movie first and then we can chat about it ... more interesting moments and details there