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    Yes tnx OP i saw it and it works now but.... besides i got the overlay now in game, my game is "darker".

    What i did if anyone is interested:

    -the steam.exe in the install folder of, steam.exe/right click,properties/Compatibility Tab and check "Run this program as an administrator" and restart steam.

    After restart and message pops up that steam is running in compatibiilty mod and how to turn it off(just uncheck the box again and restart).

    In steam in the left down corner add game,add non steam game, and you add the crossfire launcher.

    Start the game through steam library, the crossfire launcher normally pops up u go multiplayer and thats it.

    My other question, what is the best shader options, i want the best looking one, i have win 10 but not the latest 1809 in case you wondering.

    I have sweet fx selected since mod installed and didnt change it i saw u got change it and from my post above also for windowed mode of game.

    So now my game is darker(kind of better looking) but maybe it will be too dark in space at some places, and also i got the overlay

    You can add non steam games to your steam library and launch the non steam games through steam having then the overlay available, i Just cant get freelancer to work with the overlay, maybe coz of the launcher.

    Anyway, you ask Why?

    So i can open the Browser in game and surf while flying around, exploring long distances.

    Btw i dont have a 2nd monitor Else woildnt be searching for such solution.


    Hi everyone for the 3rd time in 10 years, played before 2010 and last time in 2015.

    See ya in space


    Hi guys,

    me again :)
    I just wanted to create char with name "Cr0x" and it says there is already a char with this username on server.
    Can it be that it is my old char few years ago?
    If it is, is there any possibility to re-activate it or smth, im little bit confused about this.
    Would appreciate some help ?

    Hello everybody,

    Im here in the wrong topic i guess but still.
    I played 1.8 last time, wanted to start playing again, but 2.0 in couple of weeks.
    My question, what will be transfered from our chars into 2.0 except money?
    In 2.0 we have to explore systems from start?
    I probably should w8 for 2.0 and then start play.
    Tnx in advance for your answers