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    good to cu being glad in this case :)

    german history is something you should give a next shot.

    Every builded wall is not hard enough for keeping ppl in and/or out dude. But you may try it harder next time :) - if you reread my post i said modeler (with a misspelling i admit) but hey nobody is perfect except you of course ^^

    Stasi methods are for example making something look like it is not and brainwashing or bashing and treating ppl to believe or just say to believe it. Especially in topics like this where ppl did something which is great for nearly everybody.

    Anyway Mr. Swat - only teams will keep the ball rolling - but that's just my humble opinion ofc.

    Good luck so far - btw. our mod (not mine) is still closed and not open to play ;) - just to answer your request from the other thread.

    edit: btw. When a million flies are eating shit, it must not taste good - probably they never tasted a well done T-Bone steak before - just saying without connections to anything or -body ofc.


    woot? there are mods which look better than CF?
    I do not remember that such a mod has been RELEASED yet.

    and i do see nowhere that i said that ppl like sol command are not good at what they are doing
    I absolutely don't know where you take your information from.... really your claims are ridiculous.

    Oh well, that's entertaining too. Open the doors to the Freelancer worlds and you may find many which are already released, online and (don't be shocked too much please) they are looking better, running smoother and have many additional features - which are (do not be surprised) running very well. But hey, it's not that your Mod is that bad OP, it's average.

    I don't told that you said that sol command is bad - the opposite is truth (*sigh* still not changed your attitude, do you) i took him as an example for a good moddeler without a running mod online. You may read your own post to get it ;)

    My Information's? I am pretty sure that you know where it comes from. If not just open the doors.

    And you do?

    I understand that there are mods in the real world which graphics are far better than the ones from CF and additional running smoother - but you are creating Freelancer 2.0 as far as you mentioned - so why not smile about the attempt of them to create an awesome looking Freelancer Mod?

    If you have a look to their modding team you may get an idea who is working at it and who they are, anyway - critics and serious conversations never was your strength - bashing is nearer as proved above. Modders like - just as an example Sol Command - do not run own servers but contains to the best what the scene has to offer currently. Just look into your Mod and count the models you are using from him. Same goes for w0dka, adoxa and many many others.

    Just saying bah - they are not good is somewhat far from reality - especially in a thread of a Freelancer Mod which is breaking limits. I am also wondering, that if you kicked their asses (whatever you meant with it), they are still together - working on solutions and have fun, while you?

    when i am asked about the best FL modders then I clearly have other names in mind
    names which have delivered successful mod over a very long time

    I didn't asked you i stated facts.

    to say that we at swat dont support others and dont share our work with others is probably based on a very limited view and lack of knowledge
    We have actively supported many fl mod projects and shared our work with other modders. And i am not talking about tiny mods which nobody knows... i am talking about mods like war torn, new universe, mu, genesis and even freeworlds (yep)

    yeah, it's obvious that you have an other opinion about this topic - but that's it, your opinion.

    The only reason why CF may not use the dx9 plugin actually because i did kick their asses... thats it.

    hmmm, that sounds like the result isn't for CF, is it?

    Currently their are many good looking Mod's with tons of features and improvements out - in the future it may not be enough just to say to have the most advanced mod. You are creating Freelancer 2.0 as said often enough, right? ^^

    But it is interesting to know that a very large amount of modders which once where active at their forum meanwhile have stopped doing so... many left from there and are doing their own thing now... unfortunatly some left FL totally. There is only a handfull left today.

    You have a long time mod - how many modders from the very beginning are left?
    Why not reading your own posts about the lack of support to CF you are claiming on a regular base. Would you say that you are somewhat guilty for the ppl leaving? But ofc. a handfull of the best modders are delivering results like shown in several dev videos of FW - awesome stuff.

    SWAT follows a very fair policy towards other mods and servers... if they are fair to use we will be fair to them... if they share stuff with us then we will share stuff with them.
    If they do sick stuff (just like a few days ago) we will let them know how unpleased we are.

    As always, your decision, your mod your attitude your point of view. As always too - the consequences which will likely backfire on you and in some cases also on your mod.

    (w0dk4 btw was the first person in the FL community who denied the use of a public tool to a group of people -> that was btw. in 2006... we have never done that)

    He for sure had his reasons - at least he wouldn't do it without a reason - as nobody would. But in fact i can see many global tools covering the freelancer community as a whole and taking care of them - from him. That looks like a Teamplayer.

    We even let you post here eventhough we have a list of reason for making a different decision.

    How much do you think i am interested in posting here - my list ist for sure long enough too! I post my meaning about good projects which has the potential to bring players back to Freelancer instead of driving them away. You still may not have noticed it but Freelancer Players are a rare ressource these Days - that includes Freelancer CF Players. If you can't stand other meanings do whatever you like, this is your place - and your place only.

    FWTOW clearly is an ambicious project... but to say that this the uber project that revolutionizes FL is a bit too much.
    The modders still have not released a working version... it is not sure if they ever will release something working and stable... and last but not least the mod has not proved to be successful yet. The demo server did not keep the players very long before they left back to their other mods.
    I am just talking about the facts... everything else is wish thinking and has to be proved first.

    Without these potential Freelancer will not survive - it's time to rethink. Not every Mod is written for a reason - some are made just for fun but some are made for attract players. The mentioned above has everything needed to get Players involved over a long time - could that be a problem for yours?

    When talking about facts... you see the performance problems in the latest vid very clearly (im just saying).

    ok, finally a request for facts - nice:

    Using Fraps lowers the perfomance of Freelancer greatly.
    The Server and the Client are performance breaks as well.

    When i am using my Dev Server to record a video like this: with many effects i get not more than 20 Fps. When using the Gameserver for it the Framerate is higher.
    Normally i have several other programs running while modding - also decreasing the performace. The Framerate without fraps is pretty good ...

    So what?

    If they told that the inGame Fps is also ok while fighting, than it's ok - as it is for every other mod too. Easy end of the story.

    And btw. ever tried to see more than 18 pictures per second?

    On another thread about their progress i was reading something from a player which says it all:

    It got created.
    It's looking good.

    Much better than writing so much - why not simply creating your own dx9.dll?

    You are talking about the Top 5 alltime Modders for Freelancer and several bright shining community stars. Noone without a similar skilled Dev Team will be able to bring Features and stuff like they did lately - because they was putting together 40-50 years of Freelancer modding experience from some of the most successful Mods.

    What they did is awesome for the engine, the models, the features and future possibilities - you do not want to seriously compare an updated Falcon Texture or a taken Battleship Mesh with their stuff, would you?

    If i have only a close look to the lately released Destroyer Model, the dynamic, manualy Tradelane and Jumphole spawning and using or now this engine upgrade you may clearly get an idea what's possible with the FL engine when you have a few experts working on it - nobody is at the half yet with the whole engine and apart from a very few, most modders are just changing offsets.

    The full quote of wodk4 on TSP is:


    So you took the client .dll of the Freeworlds Tides of War Demo (which is a work in progress), hacked the left-top string and now you're wondering about bags?

    Seriously though, the .dll has not been tested and bugfixed for vanilla FL yet. Just wait for the proper release which will be sometime after ToW hits 1.0

    He was answering someone migrating the mentioned dll to a complete different mod. The working version for Vanilla or other Mods seems indeed still have to be created but i doubt that i personally would focus on other Mods or Vanilla before ours (SoF), everyone would exactly answer the same way. That CF is excluded from the usage of that stuff is imO because of the policy CF is running since years now towards the rest of the Freelancer Community, refering to personal experiences since 2006.

    And yes, they totally deserve an exclusive usage of their own dll, still it is very generously to plan rare development time for others and from most other modders highly appreciated. I my time i did not saw a similar offer from swat tbh. (and with all respect for the time i spend here) it was the other way round.

    Ofc. if ppl are running 8 years old Computers while switching every good looking part off they may run the game were i personally take it as 99,9 percent of the fl community are doing - i enjoy on full HD Graphics, HD Textures, HD Enviroments, HD Effects, HD 3D Sound, upgraded renderers and much more rather than having smoke and dust as squares in front of a non textured non lighted and/or bumpmapped ship which is not producing a shadow on another not textured ship while flying through a giant suns corona which i can not see because of my settings while white squares of the suns effect are all around that ship skeleton. Probably someone could be asked for wireframe only models so these ppl. can play Freelancer on an Amiga or Atari ST too? Also in this case i would ofc. not be interested in letting the client do lesser work while using dx9 for effects so the fps would not decrease dramatically while using the texture alpha channel for nebulas instead of dx9 (9 not 10 or 11!). But i surely would not interpret a dx9 topic with a dramtic server lag when refering to client sided grafics improvements.

    While opening this thread you lost time to go and search for a job.

    If you don't find a job for 12 bucks take two for whatever pay.

    You need a flat, energy and food, everything else is optional (including drums).

    Get your ass up and do something until the end of january it's much time left sergant.

    Brrr... i hate to be here! You know where to find us.


    This isnt about anyone abusing players or driving them off the server, so please explain where you get this from?

    Yes I can account for 3MAJ doing exactly this, so CFPD is hunting them down.

    So, if you have a problem with a whole Clan again, simply proof it once in your game time please and use the proper channels for it. A good and worthy start is, to use only your Clan for such aggressions this time.

    My first quote part btw. was to Forlon not to Gunny.

    Your quote was uprooted from my postings whole content.

    The whole quote would have been:


    You will always need another person for interaction.

    As more ppl you complain about today instead of clearing a situation as less ppl you will have to play with tomorrow.

    Because of this, why do you come here to cry instead of changing your way to think and play in making for example an approach to the one you have stress with and explain your position, that will reflect on others mostly - and if not try it again. You can not change others to behave like you want them to behave, especially as long as you are stretching everything to your personal favor.

    The +++ indicates a stronger separated passage from the written before so everyone (but you) knows that the passage ended and a new one started. You stripped one content from another one just to make it looking the way you want while misquoting and ripping an other passage out of the context to form another one, that's even for you to cheap, is it?

    ... everyone can F1 out of space by opening chat with <enter> and then pressing F1 to open the menu; that has been common knowledge for ages meanwhile.

    Now it´s common knowledge and everyone can point to your post, offended ones and abusers.

    I read it all few times and ... I'm asking: why ppl want play CF MP ... to play alone or play with others? Imo is not different if player escape RP situation while docked or in space (sw to other char, stay docked, unlog for few min etc.). In all cases he is killing fun (rp) not only for him but also for others. Play only for my own fun is nice in SP, but in MP? Its not (again imo) about rules, it is about player himself.

    When being harassed for example by the above mentioned cronies, what can you do, playing their punching ball for hours? One Question: Why is someone hiding or running? Want them to go up in the sky and idle in space? If someone don´t want to be fraged for whatever reason - none will be able to do it.

    You will always need another person for interaction.

    As more ppl you complain about today instead of clearing a situation as less ppl you will have to play with tomorrow.

    Because of this, why do you come here to cry instead of changing your way to think and play in making for example an approach to the one you have stress with and explain your position, that will reflect on others mostly - and if not try it again. You can not change others to behave like you want them to behave, especially as long as you are stretching everything to your personal favor.

    alt+f4 is possible *_*

    yes, correct - but would you call that switching when taking in account that the Game would have to be reloaded before you can go to a new Character? It´s much effort to flee a situation, isn´t it? If you really need to go after someone chased you through the universe, like written above - or if you simply want to leave the Game - what´s wrong? Was it wrong that you didn´t told your Hunter where he can find you so he can have a cheap shot on you after you was running for 30 minutes through various systems?

    Cro, DW is just defending his folks :D

    Your sick paranoia is exceptional (troll trigger on).

    The sun also rises in the west.

    So you and your cronies wanna deal with that, like you wrote above, while everyone else have to write a ticket with proof and an endless discussion afterwards? Interesting...


    So it is possible for you to F1 out of Space Spiky?

    I agree, leaving a RP Situation without being docked is not ok.

    - Anyway it´s written in the rules unless they wasn´t changed by a lonely decision lately. If not, write a ticket.
    - The Game files do not allow the F1.
    - Alt F4 was enforced also on ppl. just having a CtD or needed to leave the Game in the near past, just for the fun of some jerks.

    So what the heck is everyone talking about?

    Or is it simply the next Clan which is not playing by the personal wishes of some Cops?

    The Game Files does not allow to F1.

    When a Player docked and is switching to another Character the Hunter was to slow and the hunted one was allowed to switch. There is no need of any discussion - what ppl are talking about here is not possible.

    This is pretty much the best Summary i ever saw. With the addition of the Smugglers benefits - this should get a sticky place.

    We are yet in a situation where a War is declared on us. Defemce Lines have to be builded.

    If BG are taking their Fighters out of Alaska, we will be happy to take ours out of Custodian and as long as no PX Vessel was touched ooRP everything will be nice and fine.

    One PX Vessel destroyed ooRP by a BG tagged vessel is seen as a Declaration of War from BG on PX. Additional to the one you posted in New Tokyo.

    We told you that and it will not change.

    Move your Ship out of Alaska!

    You are now banned from Alaska Husker.

    The contract you are reffering to was by the way openly announced in the System Channel. So, shut the rumors up. If you can´t do your RP you need another Tactic not driving the Server in a dman War.