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    Hey bud, I've just finished the mod so I can help.

    The A.I. is a LOT smarter than the core game this I won't lie about, what you need to do is use your thrusters and Z in tandem (engine kill) because you turn a lot faster, and a lot have bad habits of hiding in the blind spot (rear) behind you.

    Also taking shield killer weapons (stunpulse, Taz Di) will assist in combat because even NOMADS have shields, you need a shield killer if you want to make combat easier, don't go mental for missiles, enemies actively use countermeasures now, if you do use Missiles you have to sadly do a KAMAKAZIE into them to make sure they hit otherwise CMD will counter you hard.

    I have seen the A.I. does learn how you play and it can hinder you, adaptation is key to survival, I hade to change my gameplay style 8 times over the campaign.

    The most Powerful shields are Graviton (ADV. Champion) because a lot of enemies (mainly late game like NOMAD and DOM sects) use weapons that are weakest against Graviton shields (took me 3 runs from IMG Hypergate to Dom'Kavosh space) to figure this out.

    As for upgrades you want/need/MUST HAVE the MK9 Shield booster and from Planet Sol/Crossfire Armour class 10 upgrade these will massively boost your survivability (I survived a Mothership core implosion in the final fight because of these boosters)

    I hope this helps

    Thank the gods I finally finished the mod!

    The story for the continuation was well written and planned, I will admit there were times (especially after you go through the IMG Hypergate to the Black Hole where my body shivered in anticipation for hell, which was shortly met on the way through with such fears (motherships, cruisers, battleships) and it never left me hanging for a second.

    All the Nomad Fights, all the fleeing form the other Dom sects (Napesh, Warrior, savek), the story; the Dom'Kavosh ships/planet/bases & even when you first arrive in Dom'Kavosh space to be met by a Defence platform face to face and be like "Oh F***....." followed by the sound of fear in the form of a long quiet fart only to find out you made it through enemy territory.

    I want to thank the developer of this mod for continuing the story and not stopping its completion, now it's time to get back to Coalition space or hunt for even stronger weapons & to boost my skills because if the story is anything to go by, the Multi-player would be just as hard with Players who would actively hunt me out X-D

    I will be replaying the game again from the start at some point and probably for streaming when I get that off the ground because damn this mod needs more love/notice!

    FIXED - luckily I save on the Relic station before carrying on - it seems that when gates sling you out (as it always has been) its to the side of the gate and my RNG just so happened to be INSIDE the Hypergate itself (the Dom'Kavosh hypergate has those spikes on it and I got stuck inside one)


    Hey all, so I'm having a MASSIVE F***ing problem, I'm on the mission where you need to stay in formation with the USV Ghost as it goes to the order base in Sol system and when it gets to earth (this is the 15th time restarting and it keeps happening) and it turns left towards the Moon then begins to turn right towards the trade lane THROUGH Terra (Earth), has anyone else experienced this problem? if so HELP!

    Yes as you can see I'm in a Rapier VHF because this beauty is comfortable to fly, if that's what is affecting it i'll go back and get the Griffin

    Hi all,

    First Forum post here as I recently rediscovered freelancer and remembered how the ending was left too far open :daddeln::daddeln:

    I stumbled across this mod and have been binging it like mad for over 2 weeks, I have to say its been very much made a hell of a lot better! I even had my 1st failure in Mission 1 (Beta 4 got killed by a stray Missile) & that shocked me!

    This mod has been well though out and has also been boosted with a difficulty modified which has even made me go "I'm playing on GOD-LIKE DIFFICULTY" and when it's on highest it is godlike.

    My only gripe so far is Light fights like the Drake in Kusari, just far too F***ng Nimble for me! but that's how the design was meant to be; better suck it up and practice XD

    Again to the creators, thank you for making an awesome extended story past the Dyson Sphere, so much more to see and do, I will be coming to the Mplayer soon to see how that is!