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    Hi! First off I want to say great work on this mod - I've loved freelancer for years and this has really breathed new life into it, the new ships and AI are brilliant!

    I'm working my way through the vanilla story and have encountered a strange issue - I've seen one post from 2014 with the same problem but the solution they posted sadly didn't work. I'm at the stage where you grab the nomad power source and then return to planet toledo - however when I dock with the planet my ship instantly resets to the starflier, removing all of my stored weapons and for some reason jumps me from level 17 to level 44. I'm not too troubled by the ship, although I would prefer to keep my original one - but I had a load unique codename weapons on board from the Sigma 13 wrecks, and I don't really want to lose them... has anyone encountered this before?

    Also not sure if the level jump will cause an issue with the Crossfire SP campaign triggering - not sure how that works as I've played through vanilla first... Any advice greatly appreciated!!