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    Since I have no real experience in CF pvp (just joined recently and I think top ppl online was 6 for now) :) I still focus on getting rich(ish) and killing as hard npc as I can find.

    I just recently replaced my 2xnomad blaster, 2xwildfire mk2, 2x Blue blaze mk2 with 4x DomKavash Annihilator. Main reason was range improvement that I though might help me kill faster and speed improvement which I thought would make them more precise (which is not the case atm).

    As for performance, both are energy-hungry, but sufficient to take down any npc wing I encountered in Sirius... problems started to occur when I fought Coalition guys (who don't drop their Gatlings btw). XD

    I would like to try out ancient cannon + skyblast b combination... but I'm yet to find them and build another character.

    Also, it would be nice to see weapon HUD effectiveness in the weapon stats ((Hu. D.second/ Energy second) because I often divide it manually when I think of setups :P



    it's sad that FL is dying out, but is at the same time impressive that game persists for such a long... Special thanks to whole CF Dev team for incredible work.

    I'm just in the middle of Crossfire missions and will probably join server online once i finish...

    CU in space =)