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    Also, I almost said something about the final battle...

    Voice indeed always was a troublesome area since it is not so easy to find speakers to do a professional job... and that over many years of development.

    On the other hand.... other FL mods dont even bother about adding any voice samples and that would be worse for a story driven mod like Crossfire.

    Yeah, but it's because I'm too much of a perfectionist that I nitpick about it x3 In particular, I think the main issue is it's too loud, sometimes too alarming to my ears :attention:
    But it strangely got a lot better at the last chapters, so no worries, I still appreciate and love it~

    Not yet, but I've heard about it, I just don't have time to check it out yet 8o

    So, after playing for around a month, I finally finished the crossfire campaign. What a journey, I must say. Now I feel like giving the campaign a review to appreciate those who made this mod.

    Overall, I want to say MANY thanks to the creators of this mod. Crossfire kept my Freelancer journey alive, and it's one heck of a great journey. It can still be improved aesthetic wise, like more voiced dialogues and such, which I don't think I have a shortage of ideas on that matter, but again, thank you for your hard work for us :)

    Now, I'll just explore the entire system if I have time. Haven't experience multiplayer yet, though~

    Martind Forlon

    Ah, thanks for the tip. At one point of the campaign I just said 'screw it' and abandoned the waypoint to get a Sabre (Thankfully I was able to trigger the mission again somehow), which surprisingly able to compete well with the Crossfire ships after I compare their data. Guess I'll just have to find better weapons, I completely forgot about the wrecks lol

    So, I finally finished the vanilla campaign, and I have to say, I like the changes to the Nomads, first of all. They look cool, and since they move a bit slower it kinda makes them more 'swarmy' like how they're supposed to, weak but there's a lot of them. The battleship also have more guns and stronger.

    I have several questions about the Crossfire mod, cause it seems I found some bugs. Sometimes, the first mission that requires you to fly to New Berlin just 'disappears', it won't trigger the two nomad ambushes on the way to Rhienland, and nothing happens when you get to New Berlin. I want to do the missions immediately, but with a Falcon and Luger guns, I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to finish the missions. I wanna look for stronger ships, but if I do that, the mission will not appear, and I can't make any waypoints.

    Is there a break between the missions I can use to prepare myself? The part where you have to shoot down five Nomad battleships are grueling without preparation...

    Also, sorry if I came across rude and ungrateful... but is the voices in the new cutscenes supposed to sound robotic?

    Hello, I just want to confirm something.

    When I got to Bretonia, I grind myself with missions, and get a new ship. By then, I'm very close to the Bretonia Police and armed forces, and are neutral to the Bounty Hunters.

    But, when I finished a story mission, specifically the 'find and rescue Sinclair' part, somehow Bounty Hunters are now hostile towards me, and the Bretonia Police and armed forces are neutral, right in the center. These are the only three that changed, the other 'factions' stays the same.

    Is this supposed to happen?

    which shader you using no selection or vanilla shader and yes there is alittle freeze when you go to search server list is that what you mean

    Ah, sorry, I forgot to mention, I'm playing single player. I did use vanilla shader, and it turns out it still crashes, though it seems to be less often.

    The freeze happened sometimes when in the middle of a game, like when I'm chasing an enemy, the fps will suddenly drop sharply, froze a bit, before resuming. It only happens once so far though.

    Hello, first of all thank you for replying quickly~ I don't have much time to fully test all the given solutions, though I try to change the shader back to the original FL and test it for around 30 minutes.

    So far, it doesn't seem to crash, and some places where FPS usually drops no longer happen, like when going into a Jump gate for example. However, at the beginning, the game's loading screen would pop up during gameplay, like it would froze briefly before continuing. Is this to be expected?

    Hey guys, I recently got Crossfire mod working, and even though I'm still a bit early into the campaign, I really like the mod already. It's much harder, but it's kinda fun to play. Not to mention the graphics, it just looks beautiful~

    There is one problem I can't pinpoint the culprit, though. Sometimes during any point in gameplay, the game would seem to exit fullscreen and turn into windowed mode, but with a black screen, I can still hear the soundtrack going in the background. The game isn't detected by Task Manager, but the launcher would say 'Crossfire is Running' for quite a long time before it finally realizes the game is gone.

    From several cases this happens, I don't see a pattern of when the game would crash. Sometimes during free flight, sometimes during dogfights, and sometimes when I'm simply browsing through traders inside a base. There's no error messages that appear either, and there's nothing unusual in the launcher's log so I have no idea what's causing it.

    The ONLY thing I noticed that it seem to happen more often when I'm in Bretonia space, happened several times right after I completed a mission too :frown:

    Crossfire is still playable, though. This is just a minor annoyance, but it would still help if the problem can be pinpointed and fixed~

    Thanks, I hope someone can help~

    Update: I managed to narrow down the possible cause. The crash seem to only happen when I press Esc, most often to skip docking cutscenes and the like.