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    Sectors & Systems - SWAT Portal ... it have all systems connections there in map which is "hidden" in spoiler for each tab. There is not added info about jump from Omega-3 and New Hongkong, but it is for each this system writen for each system. Inner Core System have this info too. Play SP Campaign is very advised, it gives you allot info and you are guided on your way with campaign script.

    Btw, there is still ongoing work on the wiki, with help from wombat1940 were reworked many systems already and we have big detailed maps for each system now. I personally do not think that in wiki must be added info which is covered by SP Campaign, this one and wiki should support each other and not to make the same job twice :)

    I am going to make a last reply on this forum then i am going to fully ignore it so read this or not i dont care i tell what i need to tell and basta, no need to respond me as i wont even take the time to read anything from this post or somewhere else too,

    So yes i do use Sectors & Systems - SWAT Portal am not stupid, its say no where that you have to go in new HK to find inner core and same for omega III, but if you find this information i would be happy to read/see that. Or maybe i am a lazy cunt and i totaly missed out the information ? Or also its possible maybe you know ? I learn english my self not at school and so my english is not perfect.

    Can you make a sentence in French without using google ? no one.

    Dadraga you said not being a genius but knowing how to and never share it in the forum, can we call you a lazzy person too ?

    Kidding x)

    What is the purpose of a forum ? Help each other right, share idea/information and more ? ok good.

    Everything was clear so i made search for a good hour (actually its more likely 1h30)

    I found no where how to go in inner core, i also said that i didnt start SP campagn but then people call me lazy.

    If i follow the map and make a departur from Gurm to Hyperspace what i did with Goinn btw and it perfectly works.

    See screen >>> 055m.jpg

    So. Gurm>Hieron>Jokusuka>Spica>Pretoria>Tonga>Scotia>Menton>Hyperspace

    Here you follow the map and it perfectly works, what i did to go in hyperspace departur from gurm, then i click hieron write down on my paper the coordinate of Hieron then Jokusuka then....... All good here, it perfectly work except hyperspace to inner core, you see on the map hyperspace then on top inner core, so i think ok i want to go inner core ? Need to go hyperspace first. x) .........

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    and btw. if u knew me u would not say such bs. ask players on server how i help them. u got two warnings now, be careful with your words.

    Yes you where so nice with me to tell me to look at the wiki when i ask you a question on the server rofl.

    u got two warnings now, be careful with your words.

    Are you kidding me ?

    Am searching info for more then an hours but YOU call me a lazzy guy.

    End of the discussion here.


    My comment was full sarcastic, i cant accept being called a lazy fuckt especially when i try to search info that should be there on swat portal + google for more then an hours.

    Btw [|DP|] denne is one of these person that will tell you to look at the wiki when you ask him a question on the server. ( how to make player leaving a mod and never come back ) dont help new player at all.

    And this guy is moderator here ? rofl.

    Alright everything is said, no more post from me in this forum where you get called a lazy guy that expect answers on questions nobody else came with.

    which is no surprise

    it is the traditional french melee weapon

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    Thats why they love it.

    Alright so are we gonna joke again with the french shit, or find a name that is correct enough to be accepted ???

    the easiest and very exciting way to learn most important routes is just playing the singleplayer campaign. many players did this and knew all routes between the sectors. but u seem to be a lazy guy and expect answers on questions nobody else came with. well, u can do it, but then u should find the right tone.

    Yeah i am a mother foker lazy french cunt baguette spending more then an hours to find something that can be find on the FORUM WIKI MOD fucking website and all that without result.

    Cant find the right tone when am spending more then an hours searching with no result on the site mod and then being called a lazy fuckt. :)

    Btw did i say i will play the SP campaign end of year ? ho yeah i did !

    Asshole. :thumbup:

    Alright time to sleep here.

    Well next time you see me online you know you can count on me not to reply with a "check wiki" response. The wiki is good for 99% of the questions but there's ofc times when you just don't understand the wiki, or maybe you don't find the info you're searching for... Checking the wiki first is a natural thing to do and I think most ppl do it.

    Personally I think people asking if they checked the wiki is as dumb as ppl asking if I've installed/updated graphics drivers... You just don't miss that part, just as you don't miss checking wiki. So I'm on your side! But I'm about to hit the bed, tho, don't think I won't answer any questions online if you ever need to know something :)

    At first i needed to get use of this website, forum are not my stuff and will never be, but WE are a community a place where we can regroup.

    So ok about that, then i needed to know how to use the wiki its good now, + needed to understand how to find coordinates, for example yesterday we went with Goinn kicking some DK ass for anihilator loot, we made it easy, all info where writen up on my paper, just ad to read and follow the coordinates, but about system to system, not so much info about that, spent more then an hours about that, i guess its normal to be upset after that.


    For example it took me time to know where to find Savage and kick ther ass for loot. Jormdar/Sadurn but hell yeah how to get there ? .....

    Some little thing like that are pain in the ass to get.

    Not everybody can answer right away. Just try to be patient (or ask somebody else).

    Ho waill i think i cant way for eternity and will never get a response from the people in question. :)

    There is no such guide because nobody asked about it until you

    So here i am i guess........ If you want to attract new player for CF mod, these stuff should be less difficult to get.

    Sorry, I never had this problem as I took notes during my time in SP campaign. It's actually worth it, they spent a lot of time building a story behind it all.

    There's also players online to ask for advice in-game, we won't bite, at least I won't :saint:

    I didnt start the SP atm and wont before end of year.

    Its worth getting info from your self that for sure, but i where not able to know how to get in inner core so ad no choice to post here and ask.

    There are on the server also some people that will help you, but not so much. :)

    They will tell me to look the wiki what i do, and i dont always get the info on the wiki. :) ..........

    Micropoint : You keep saying it is hard to find information about the mod... But you can easily get navigation directions and other tips from other players online. Server community is very friendly, don't hesitate to contact someone via chat.

    This way you will also get the latest and most exact info, since some parts in the Wiki may still be incomplete or outdated.

    There are some people here that just ignore the question you ask them, i hate people who you communicate something but just ignore you. :)

    A correct communication is something that goes A to B then B to A but some people just dont care about that.

    A simple guide pined on top of the forum that indicate all way to go sector to sector would be in my humble baguette opinion, very usefull.

    Now i know that if i want to acess inner core i need to go in new HK... or at least omega 3 too. And i ad to create a thread to get these information, spaming the forum for such little stuff, but well it keep swat portal alive i guess.

    I think you may have missed that the entire galaxy sector is also called "Inner Core", not just the black hole system.

    There's both a star system and a galaxy sector called Inner Core...

    There is sirius sector, altair, sol, inner core and canis, and to get to one from another is not always easy.

    Going sol from sirius you need to know that all start from Dublin Hyperion then sol... Getting THESE information are on this forum even on google, pain in the ass.

    Ooops, my bad... I meant F2, you can see the Coalition Hypergate there.

    Sorry for the typo.

    No problem, so it make the map useless if you follow the map but cant go where you want to go.

    You should be able to go where you want to go just by following the map.

    (after there are jump gate/hole but you need to know these information that are not always easy to get.)

    YEsterday night i have been with Goinn to Hyperspace in Altair kicking some DK ship to get DK loot.

    Departure from Gurm, so again and here all works good.

    Gurm hieron jokuska or i dont know what name, then spica pretoria tonga scotia menton then hyperspace, we made it, it was fucking long but we made it......

    I followed the map and was able to get to a point A to B without problem.

    But Altair to inner core, no because on the map i see hyperspace with inner core on top of it on the map, but no just no.

    For me i follow the map its a map, a map tell you how to get to a point A to B but its not always the case.

    Hyperspace to inner core when i look the map it show me that i need to get to hyperspace first then inner core but no.

    So googling time loosing time how to get inner core from hyperspace no result for sure, trying other stuff same no result, i get mad its normal.

    And new HK E2 show shit, how this can help someone ?

    But ill write that one down for later and omega 3 one too !

    If i want to go in hyperspace from gurm i have to do the following path.

    gurm hieron jokuska spica pretoria tonga scotia menton then hyperspace all work correctly here, then inner core ? no way to find out .....


    Thanks a lot, but for example i where not able to find that information about the jump gate in new HK ....

    And btw E 2 show shit....

    About the hypergate in omega 3 well didnt finf any info too about that...

    Am alright about the ancients so i will be able to get there without problem.bandicam 2019-05-05 00-23-06-316.jpg

    Voila fokin hell that is helpfull !

    Thanks !

    Hello Micropoint,

    the Inner Core hypergate is in sector E2 in New Hongkong (<- click to see the map).

    Not sure what do you mean by "how to go system to system"... All jumpgates / holes are shown on system maps in the Wiki.

    You can also find them by following patrol routes in game.

    Ok and why on the New HK map the jump hole to inner core is not shown ? very nice ..............

    So if someone try to get this info >>> cant just cant at all.

    I mean what i mean, how to fucking get for example to sirius to sol or else buddy..... Sometime info area easy to get when but its not always easy.

    This show hyperspace then inner core so for me if i want to go in inner core i need first to go in hyperspace , well thats what the map show me actually, but no fuckyou here and get lost. 1 fucking hour trying to find this information, but no i have to go in new HK to get in inner core, and where can i actually find this information my self ? no where for sure.

    Sectors & Systems - SWAT Portal

    Sorry being about a pain in the ass but again its not always easy to go system to system or call that however you want.

    yeah i mean Jump gate voila that is correct we can say..


    Is there any information about how to go system to system ?

    For example trying to go in inner core system from Altair, cant find shit...

    I find it hard to know or get these information.

    And for sure for the one who will tell me to play the SP campaign i only play on the server for the moment.


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