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    Hello folks,
    Was recently forced to update my windows version to play that latest Spiderman game (version 21h2 from 18xx) and since then I get "Update Server Not Available" and cannot play Crossfire Multiplayer through the launcher. No issue with Single player modes.
    Tried some different vpn locations in case it was a blocking problems and disabled the firewall to no avail. Also tried running as admin and in various compatibility modes, i've also tried a clean install.

    The log shows nothing useful:
    0:15:22.716 --> [x]:Update Server Not Available [E000000AA]
    and then after a while :

    10:16:04.804 --> [x]:Failed: Connection timed out

    On a whim I installed it to another machine on an older win 10 install which worked as expected, then updated to 21h2 and managed to reproduce the issue.

    Any advice for getting back into MP mode on 21h2?