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    I got Crossfire 2.0 to activate.
    I watched it like a hawk.

    Very briefly, during activation, my security program warned me of two malicious files in Crossfire.

    The first of course being "MultiUniverse.dl2". The second one was: "cfwidescreenfix.exe"

    When it failed to activate, I went into my security program and found where I could "allow" them, and tried again.

    This time it activated.

    I haven't tried to play it yet. I wanted to ask if anyone was aware of either of these files being a security problem?

    I have a new (3 mos old) Alienware running Win10. I own a copy of Freelancer on CD from years back. I followed the directions of installing it to new directory (not in program files). I installed 1.31 mod manager and then crossfire 2.0. Restart PC as directed.

    When I try to activate Crossfire in the Mod Mgr, it appears to be going fine but at the end says there was an error:

    Error: problem activating 'Crossfire Mod 2.0 Client Edition'

    Error: SHCopyFile failed ('D:\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods\Freelancer 2 - Crossfire\EXE\MultiUniverse.dl2' to 'D:\Freelancer\EXE\MultiUniverse.dll')

    I've tried it at least 4 times now, uninstalling everything, making sure it's clean but no luck.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.