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    No I re-installed everything, but my chars can't do any damage to NPC. I play SP in in-game option God Mode. Are those two things linked?

    I noticed today the server own rate when more than 10 players are online. Maybe it is time the decrease the rate of NPC spawn?!

    I think there is a command where there is a certain amount of players are online, the npc spawn rate decreases automatically. This technique was used at the HHC server, very successfully.

    I'll delete Avira, didn't like it anyway. I'll clean up FL (Deleting all files and replacing with the original (Wodk4 provided on HHC/Data)

    Got banned again. What's with this server?

    - Amegius
    - HeimdaII (Last two letters ii with Caps on, not ll)

    Hi Everyone,

    First I would like to say that I really like this Mod. Great work!

    I play Freelancer since 2004 and have always played at Hamburg City Server under the name Chrono, member of a non-existing clan -]uSF[- (Legendary Clan). If that doesn't ring a bell, I played together with W0dk4, I am sure the modders here know who he is.

    So, this is my introduction, see you all in space ;)