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    OK - here are the event logs from the time the game crashed in the bar (the texture where the logo should be was blank again) - still don't know exactly when this happens or what the pattern is. I have an idea, but would need some time to investigate.

    Edit: I thought that it might be caused by Alt-Tabbing to Windows, but I could not confirm it. Then it occured to me that maybe it happens when the news content I want to display is different from the previous one that I had displayed without problems. E.g. if story progresses or you dock to a different faction base (anything that triggers content change in the news I guess). That's pretty much all I can think of right now. Adding second pair of events from after the second crash.

    Also, everytime I launch the FL I see this one error event in the log right when FL goes full screen BUT it does not seem to do any harm (nothing crashes) and I'm not sure what it is...

    OK, problem solved - the correct file to edit equipment vendors is market_miscsp.ini. I assume either *sp or *mp gets copied to market_misc.ini (thus always overwriting it) during the launch based on whether you choose SP or MP...

    I also noticed that even if I delete the file and launch the game without it, it appears afterwards within the CF files... Where the hell does it come from?

    On the other hand, when I deleted market_ships.ini, the hangar in Manhattan is empty, no ship, so the impact of not having the file is expected and correct. Something fishy is going on... Can you perhaps try removing market_ships.ini and market_misc.ini and check on any base if hangar and equipment rooms don't have anything to sell?

    So it should not be overriden, if I choose "No" for the update prompt, correct? Yet it is... What part of the game (orig/mod?) can do this?

    In the video I'm showing orig CF files on the left and my adjusted files on the right. market_misc.ini is different (also displaying those few different lines in Beyond Compare). The timestamp and size difference are also obvious. Then I copy all the files from right to left overwriting CF content with mine. The files are binary the same as shown by Beyond Compare. Then after launching FL without accepting the update you can see that all the files in CF left side stayed the same except the market_misc.ini.

    What should I do to adjust the equipment dealer's inventory on Manhattan? Am I doing something wrong?

    I have read this thread about modding and decided I'd try adjusting some things for my new attempt at going through the SP. The tutorial says you can change (among tons of others)

    Well I tried that and I was able to replace a ship in the starting base (Manhattan - figured its ID/nickname is Li01_01) by editing equipment/market_ships.ini, but for the the love of God I cannot figure out how to add some thrusters and weapons to that base - I've tried editing the Manhattan equipment vendor's inventory in the equipment/market_misc.ini but it is changed back to original EVERYTIME I launch the Freelancer - and I'm not allowing launcher to update my files when starting. I've even tried setting the readonly attr for that file but it is removed when I check back after the launch. All other files I played with and changed stayed untouched (i.e. my changes were preserved) but this one is always reverted back.

    I've edited these files, and all except the market_misc.ini is working

    1. D:\Freelancer Crossfire\DATA\EQUIPMENT\goods.ini
    2. D:\Freelancer Crossfire\DATA\EQUIPMENT\market_misc.ini
    3. D:\Freelancer Crossfire\DATA\EQUIPMENT\market_ships.ini
    4. D:\Freelancer Crossfire\DATA\EQUIPMENT\misc_equip.ini
    5. D:\Freelancer Crossfire\DATA\EQUIPMENT\misc_good.ini
    6. D:\Freelancer Crossfire\DATA\EQUIPMENT\ST_good.ini
    7. D:\Freelancer Crossfire\DATA\EQUIPMENT\weapon_good.ini

    Any help here?

    Edit: Is it because this is some sort of a special base (starting one)? Should I try others, like Pittsburgh (Li01_02?) which is the very next one you can land on in the SP campaign?

    From what I saw it seems like that cutscene that's supposed to play upon entering the Sol for the first time is triggering the crash. Any idea behind this? Later when I get home I'll try running your savegame, but you say it's after the mission. Could you attach a save from the point BEFORE the mission, i.e. Mission 18: Crossfire Chapter 2: Origins? so I can rule out or confirm a corrupted savegame.

    No luck with the latest mission save - Mission 18: Crossfire Chapter 2: Origins - it began in New London so I took a trade lane to Dublin jump gate, then a cruise to the Hyperion jump gate, destroyed 3 outcasts next to it, crossed whole Hyperion and docked with Warp Anomaly to Sol. Now it crashed 1-2 seconds after the jump animation was completed, i.e. I found myself in (and could see for a brief moment) the Sol system and the first Warp Gate next to Pluto if I'm not mistaken...

    I'm gonna try one mission save before that, Mission 17: Crossfire Chapter 2: Kusari Fleet

    First of all, I did the installation from scratch, once again. After I launched Single Player from the launcher, accepting the updates (exactly 400 files) a very small window appeared in the upper left corner of my screen for a few seconds (10-15 maybe):

    pasted-from-clipboard.png (I resized Notepad++ window to roughly illustrate the size of that window as I'm not able to reproduce it anymore)

    and then it closed and CF Launcher's Single Player button became active again - so it clearly crashed somehow.

    I confirmed the crash in the log:

    19:31:59.636 --> [i]:Starting Update...

    19:32:28.386 --> [x]:Wrong or missing answer from server

    19:32:28.386 --> [w]:Source file "" does not exist for download

    19:32:31.861 --> [x]:Wrong or missing answer from server

    19:32:31.861 --> [w]:Source file "" does not exist for download

    19:32:50.787 --> [i]:Prepare Crossfire Start

    19:32:52.614 --> [i]:Starting Crossfire

    19:32:53.250 --> [i]:Crossfire is running

    19:33:22.559 --> [x]:Crossfire Exit - CODE 00000001

    19:33:23.021 --> [i]:Crossfire was closed

    Subsequent clicking on Single Player launched the game without problems with this in the log (39 files in total now, those 2 python files still failed to download but the game did not crash):

    19:35:58.757 --> [i]:Starting Update...

    19:36:04.429 --> [x]:Wrong or missing answer from server

    19:36:04.429 --> [w]:Source file "" does not exist for download

    19:36:04.486 --> [x]:Wrong or missing answer from server

    19:36:04.486 --> [w]:Source file "" does not exist for download

    19:36:04.490 --> [i]:Prepare Crossfire Start

    19:36:06.304 --> [i]:Starting Crossfire

    19:36:06.825 --> [i]:Crossfire is running

    It is running fine now. Gonna try the mission savegame now.

    Hi all,

    when I dock with the Warp Anomaly in Hyperion on my way to Sol, the game crashes with [x]:Crossfire Exit - CODE 00000001 in the launcher logs (nothing else). For the sake of completness, I'll sum up my installation steps, maybe I missed something...

    • Uninstalled CF mod
    • Uninstalled Freelancer including deletion of Documents\My Games\Freelancer\*
    • Following Windows features are turned on (not sure if it is required for CF modded game):pasted-from-clipboard.png
    • I tried reinstalling with vanilla ISO taken from the Discovery mod installation instructions forum thread. I mounted the ISO in Win 10 (just double click) and ran setup.exe as Administrator - install path D:\games\Freelancer - I didn't apply any official or unofficial patches
    • restarted PC (Freelancer setup said I need to restart)
    • installed CF mod - I left all the options with the default values - install path D:\Freelancer Crossfire (can choose only drive to install to)
    • restored my savegames and config files back to Documents\My Games\Freelancer
    • launched the CF launcher, set the stuff as follows:
    • pasted-from-clipboard.png
    • launched Single Player and let the launcher update the files (don't remember the exact number, but it was almost 500 files)

    Did I miss anything? Can't provide much more info as the log only says [x]:Crossfire Exit - CODE 00000001. My savegames and setings should be CF compatible as they were created with the the same Freelancer + CF installers.

    The CF campaign that begins on Manhattan was working smoothly including jump to the Hyperion from jump gate in Dublin. After appearing in Hyperion I took 2 trade lanes to the Warp Anomaly that should take you to Sol and it crashes during the transition from Hyperion to Sol when that red flashy jump animation is playing

    Any ideas?

    It's not like that always. This is what I observed so far...

    1. launch CF launcher

    2. launch Freelancer (SP) from the launcher

    3. load game -> puts you in station if it's a regular player save (no autosave)

    4. go to bar -> I can see the texture there normally, I experience no crashes

    5. switch through various station rooms, go back to bar, the texture is still there

    6. leave the station to space, dock in other station (didn't try docking back to the same I just left), all rooms are fine, even bar, no crashes

    7. click news, texture is missing, game crashes after a while, freelancer process exits, only CF launcher stays

    now I can just relaunch (i.e. continue from point 2.) and enjoy one no-crash attempt at news reading until I undock and dock again

    Do you think a reinstall would help? Are my savegames still safe or no matter if reinstall is done this weird state is already baked into the save file? Hope not, don't really want to start over... I mean this is in no way a game breaking bug so I can still live with that, if I see a blank rectangle instead of a texture I can just restart the game and then re-read the news to enjoy the campaingn but... It's a pain in the ass :)

    Yes, it does,

    Hi all,

    kudos for the awesome mod! It would be great if it didn't crash every now and then :/ Mostly it happens inside stations (it has never crashed in open space as far as I can remember)

    When I'm clicking on various news it will crash at some point. Not every time but ALWAYS when I have blank white rectangle instead of logo in the news window:


    When logo is displayed, I can browse news safely. Now if I close the bar screen when logo was blank, inevitably the game will crash when switching between various station screens (commodities, equipment) or when undocking from station, but I assume the main thing already happened before (when the logo in news window failed to load/appear). I'm not sure if there is some pattern, but when I restart the game after the crash (the CF launcher stays open) when I go to the same bar, the logo is there and I can browse the news. It's probably after I leave a station and dock in another one (or maybe even the same) that "something" happens and the logo is gone - so I know I'll get a crash sooner than later.

    In the launcher log I don't find the exit code helpful:

    23:41:25.387 --> [i]:Prepare Crossfire Start

    23:41:26.792 --> [i]:Starting Crossfire

    23:41:27.285 --> [i]:Crossfire is running

    00:02:47.380 --> [x]:Crossfire Exit - CODE 00000001

    00:02:47.770 --> [i]:Crossfire was closed

    I've tried searching the forum, but I haven't found anything similar to my problem. I've tried edited flconfigdatabase.txt and added my GeForce GTX 1080 to it, but nothing changed and the crashing still occurs. Maybe it's worth mentioning I have 2x GTX 1080 and SLI enabled, not sure if it makes any difference. My resolution is 3440x1440 and the CF launcher config is as follows:


    Can any1 pls help?