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    6 more hours of Installing, downloading, deleting, restarting and testing:

    It's not a problem with CF. i have no idea but even vanilla FL crashes with this error (Vanilla, V1.1, unofficial V1.4).

    Ill just install a XP VM and play virtually....

    Thanks to all who helped!!!

    made the shader, color, cursor test with:

    1. Vendor = 0x8086 "Intel"
    2. 0x0166 = "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000"
    3. // Discontinued products

    still crashes

    edit: and i removed the writeprotection (again) from the FL and savegame folders with deactivatet defender. CCCP is installed. still no change.
    and i have just one image of the CD. The original went missing years ago. If there is a different source for the Game let me hear about it!

    a lot of testing later it still doesn't like me...

    i added:

    0x0166 = "HD Graphics 4000"
    0x0166 = "(R) HD Graphics 4000"
    0x1414 = "HD Graphics 4000"
    0x1414 = "(R)HD Graphics 4000"

    directly under Vendor = 8086 "Intel"
    over "0x7121 = "810 Graphics Controller""
    over "0x2582 = "915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family" // added by Louva-Deus 4/16/2007"
    and at the end of the Intel section.

    and tried everything with:
    Vendor = 80861414 "Intel"
    Vendor = 8086 1414 "Intel"

    i never had more than one extra line at a time.

    i also added

    with the DeviceID 0x0166, 0x01661414 and 0x0166 1414....

    i tried every single Shader with "no selection" at Partickle Colors and Cursors
    all partice colors with no selection in Shaders and Cursors
    all cursors with no selection.........

    GPUz gives strange DeviceID therefore -->GPUz pic attached

    nothing had changed the FL-Log

    i can't disable defender with services.msc, the button is greyed out.

    edit: i managed to deactivate defender via group policy editor.... everywhere "no selection" and the standart configdatabase. You can guess, nothing changed.


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    Hi There,

    i installed CF 2.0 after reinstalling Win10 64Bit on my Surface 1 Pro (yes, it worked even on this thing).

    I want to start a SP Game, it takes some seconds an i get the folowing messages

    1. 21:35:39.321 --> [i]:Prepare Crossfire Start
    2. 21:35:41.822 --> [i]:Starting Crossfire
    3. 21:35:42.791 --> [i]:Crossfire is running
    4. 21:35:45.072 --> [x]:Crossfire Crash Exit - CODE ffffffffc0000005 [E000000D3]
    5. 21:35:49.675 --> [i]:Crossfire was closed

    Here is the stuff i tried:
    -clean all FL, CF anf FLMM Files and the Regedit (manually and with CCleaner)
    -added the FL and FLMM Folder to the Windows Defender exception list
    -used the "2.0 Crossfire Installation guide extended" step by step three times (each time with new CF-Install files)
    -tryed different Shaders
    -driverupdate failed, MS does not seem to like the "original" Drivers but there is no update provided by MS
    -installed Direct X 9.0C and .net Framework 3/4.5 manually
    -installed MS Visual C++ Redistributable 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2015 manually

    i have no idea what i could do else and i want to play this great Mod.

    DxDiag and the Win Error attached!