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    Thank you for the response.

    I understand, but the question was if there was a way to bypass this in my case?

    Feel free to answer in a PM, I do not want others to have this info, logically.
    IF you want to answer this one, of course.


    I've been trying to alter the Weapon Effects on my current weapon, since the muzzle fire effect is far to big.
    I managed successfully to alter the muzzle fire effect, I save the file, go ingame, launch, seek a target, fire... and nothing has changed.
    The same huge flashes are being displayed.

    I am in the correct file, I am on the right weapon, I made the right change, but when I re-open the file, all changes have been reverted.
    Apparently, when I take permissions from System to alter the file, the launcher simply stops on me.

    How can I stop these reverts?
    Or alter the 'original' file? (where is the darned thing anyway?)

    Thank you beforehand.