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    One of the rumors for Coalition bar:
    "I am assigned to patrol in Gladius, and I saw Alliance ships warping in. We lost 3 Kurgans and one Badanov-class, but they had fallen back. We even wanted to relocate Gorlowka there to stop them... And after a couple of days we decided, that we, mankind, shouldn't fight with each other when Nomad threat is looming on horizon. And I hope, that they will see our example and will begin build society without oppression too".
    Another example (Can be offensive):
    "They say that Communism is a threat. It is a threat - but only for those, who exploit another people. Have you seen here any workers rebelling against the company they are working for? No. Have you seen farmers turning bankrupts because of corporation capturing the market? Not here. Have you seen somebody get fired from the company because he or she did something wrong about high man? Not here. Have you seen young people cant get normal work because they are too poor to get an education? Not here. Thats why they hate us. Because we reached it, and they not. And now, it will be good if they will find a way to reach it in a peaceful way".

    Like this:
    "Space Becoming Dangerous":
    Space Navy has detected more hostile encounters in our new home. They are more noticed in Vorkuta near Coalition HQ and Sovetskaya gates, and in border systems - Gladius, Gurm and Mandar. They are big creatures capable of living in space, probably, cybernetical and genetically enhanced. They are armed with powerful weapons, able to destroy a small fighter in seconds, and have tough body and energy shield. They are hostile to everybody who meet them, so they are a new threat. Thanks to our old and reliable defensive stations and to Coalition patrol, they can be easily dispatched when closing to our stations, but Space Navy does not takes responsibility in cause of civilian encounters them outside our defense. Leaving our defense perimeter (D.R.I.Cs, Warp buoys and Coalition patrols) is at your own risk.

    Trent's to-do list update:
    -Rebuild FP7. Make sure it won't go FUBAR after 4 puny torpedoes.
    -Eat a Lich for a lunch. Withoud aid of sauces. Or with sauce made from Nomad Battleship.
    -Leave a mark "Edison Trent was here" on a black hole.
    -finally understand, why nomads drop bots, bats and commodities.
    -Another idea to steal a DRIC: just strap engines and cockpit to it.
    -Break up with Juni and survive.
    -Kill a nomad with bare hands.
    -Divide by zero. Near Professor Quintane.
    -Subtract a square root from -1. Near Professor Quintane.
    -Find a last digit of pi number. Near Quintane.
    -If Quintane will survive those 3 points above, shake his hand.
    -Make a museum of Nomad War. That artifact we ran around whole Vanilla FL should have the main place. Together with my portrait.
    -When I will have enough money, buy Coalition Gatlings to be sold everywhere on Sirius Not an option. I dont want to see GC with CG.
    -Get a piece of Freeport 7 wreckage.
    -Visit Tekagi's Arch again. Or even buy it and rename to Trent's Arch. Repair that defensive shield and place shieldgens inside shield dome, not outside.
    -Breach shield of Nomad Outpost in Styx. With my bare hands. Then get my hands to the Yggdrasil Battleship, get my ship inside, take every loot I will find inside the base and leave, like a boss.
    -Kill a Nomad Light Fighter with a spit.

    So, shall I make more news titles for news? I can even post here a whole texts for news.
    And how about some easter eggs? For example, Juni, or King, or Orillion sporadically getting to some station bars (which can tell something)... Or rare rumor, which is telling something about actions Trent participated in. Oh, and BTW, I found one of these easter eggs. In bar on one station (forgot how is it called) I noticed bartrender named OP-R8R :)
    Or some more Coalition rumors (not only about that code. For example, something like "One of guys here got v& by state security", or "I lost my friend due to DK gunboat", or "DRICs are awesome", or "This peace treaty is logical", or "Oh, look, we have almost no oppression in our society, lol". Or something about Coalition Rogues... (BTW, who are they? Just space pirates, or revolutionaries trying to overthrow communism in Coalition?).

    I only now just noticed that Dark Reign is HUGE. Then point 10 in Trent's to do list is becoming more harder, if Trent still use fighter...
    Something more points for Trent's to-do list, before setting DIFFICULTY_SCALE to 1:
    -Take down Nomad Strike Carrier. With Starflier.
    -Make Order/Dom'Kavash create a time machine. Treat to infect myself with Nomad, if it will be necessary.
    -Travel with said machine back in time and kill Hitler. Then see Coalitioners with Apocalypse Tanks and Kirov Airships.
    -Actually, travel with the said machine to time I didnt gone to Freeport 7, and tell me-from-past WHAT is will happen with me in future, so I could at least be prepared to be commanded by girl.
    -Travel very, very long back in time and hang Bill Gates with barbed wire for not making Crossfire an official add-on. Then find that guy which calls himself "Ajay", and thank him for imaging me as a GAR man who can everything, then slap him for making me xenophile. How could he imagine that I can make love WITH DK MOTHERSHIP?
    -By the way of back in time, wipe out EA. Thats one for C&C4!
    -And download all albums of The Offspring, then sing "You're gonna go far, kid" during all missions.
    -Kill Nomad Interceptor with Starkiller torpedo.
    -Fly through Hiruga system. Without use of gravimetrical anomalies. And do it while drunk.
    -Offer Juni to have s~ I am not gonna to survive after this.
    -Fly as away from Juni as possible, then say "WTF?", when she will offer me another suicidal mission.
    -Steal any Coalition Capital ship, equip it with loudspeakers and Yamato holoprojector, then arrive on Manhattan and turn on Hell March with those speakers, while imitate whole Coalition fleet.
    -Steal Nod Stealth Generator from C&C3.
    -Make sure Nomads won't do the same with Planetary Assault CarrierThey already have their Strike Carrier.
    -Infect the Nomads with myself.
    -Find a way of landing planets without Docking Ring.
    -Rent a Boridin Ion Cannon for making a text "I <3 J.Z." on any asteroid big enough. Then place this asteroid on the orbit of New Tokyo Kyushu whereever Juni now lives. And hope she will cease with sending me to suicide missions.
    -Find a buddy with Scimitar RS, and offer him follow and repair me Other easy target worry about? I have a Juni for this pur~ *BLAM!*
    -Be careful with reference to Juni. Or this bloody narroweyed gal will just~ *BLAM!*
    -Help Ajay with adding stuff to this list.

    I can guess if I will ever get to IC, i will meet him :)
    And I can guess why Warsys are fully restricted. In Altair I was talking to Noka, who told about them Savage. He said that they take him down very fast.
    And BTW, they are enslaved by Dom'Nepesh... Due to Savage tech, seems like DN just outzerged them and, due to their loss in war, made them to fight on their side.