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    Actually I know that Titan is not as good as Sabre, but that would take hell of a time to make up with outcasts/hessians, and I already had a neutral relations with Corsairs :)
    Well, however, I will try to press out all of the juice of that brick-with-guns. (And BTW, it is really SMALL).

    And something more about prisoner pods. It is strange that Ensign pods cost 30 000, lower, than the Corporal ones (but Ensign is between sergeant and lieutenant), and Major pods cost 80 000, lower, than the lieutenant ones (100 000).

    Or you can use subspace Cargo Bods, which are larger from inside than from outside.
    And BTW, then some commodities should weight lesser than one ton. For example, gases can be compressed, as Michael said.

    In campaign, when playing mission "A New Worlds" Juni sometimes yells: "Dont leave me here alone, Trent!"

    After leaving DK worlds in IC trough Phanchdar, i am followed by DK Mommaship and a pack of cruisers. All the way to the Gurm.

    Sometimes cargo ship pilots commiting suicide near the planet. I wasnt guessed when I saw it near New Tokyo :)

    Sunslayer Torpedo goes through Strike Carrier's hull.

    Sometimes planets are going BATSH*T INSANE and begin to rotate with big speed.

    Krelow-class heavy cruiser constantly gets different to nose when seen.

    When I played mission 13, i saw Rheinland Military (with neutral) near Toledo and Liberty Navy inside Dyson Sphere (LOL)

    (REDACTED): In mission New Worlds DK gunboats sometimes turn neutral, while Juni and Coalition guys still firing at them.

    Many more to come.

    And just something that looks like an easter egg.

    Kiew-class carrier is seems to be a setback to the IRL "Kiew" helicarrier, which was built in USSR, but after USSR's crash it was given to Ukraine (that seems to be fair since town Kiew is a capital of Ukraine).

    I remember last winter, when I played a Freelancer mod called "Rebalanced", where there are a lot of upgrades (shield regenerations, armor, power generators ....) that you can use.

    But this mod is unbalanced (ironic :D ) 'cause you, at the end, can have a so powerful fighters that's it's boring to play.

    I played Rebalance too. Once I got a BS beam turret on a fighter, that became boring too fast. And beam turret was even larger than a ship!
    And BTW about prisoner pods, they also can be sold on Planet Murmansk. I learned it only today.

    Installing more than a thruster's not an option, GRs have it on the Ragnarok ship, and it hits over cruise speed instantly, missiles, CDs, guns, everything would be pretty much useless if fighters get 2 thrusters. Also counting ping, lag and such, it''d be as if everyone just teleports arround the system :D Try PvP like that.

    The other ideas of the packs are great though.

    Well... That idea was from SP mod :) Specification packs were taken from Metro 2033 shooter, where protagonist could buy on his choose or more armored outfit, or more silent.

    But armor upgrade will add more mass, so more inertia, less agility etc. ......

    I didnt refined this idea yet :) Well, that was originally an idea for a single up which buffs almost everything.
    Another developement: so-called "Specification pack". The Hit-and-runner pack (increases speed), The Meatshield pack (increases armor and shield regen) and The Heavy-hitter pack (increases power output, and so on). Only one pack can be installed at a time.
    Well, just another idea: install more than one thruster (could be helluva OP).

    Avast should work fine with it, since it worked for me.

    Language pack fails, well, if you install Crossfire on something not english, that might get messy.

    OK, thx. Thats good that my license CD has an optional localisation...