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    About movement, if u need support and don't feel like doing those too, u should watch the movement trailers i did for CFPD and maybe i can just simple make them public, just saying, if u need me to that, PM me and i shall post them for all to see;)

    In other words, while flying in front of ur enemy usualy with no engine kill on, move ur mouse cursor in frontal circles, thrust should be at max speed or depends in which way u want to make ur anemy waste his CDs , in around 200-300 m push engine kill and turn around, after that leave engine kill up and combine it all the time with reverse thrust-thrust + strafes left and right::P There's more but he'll explain better:))

    Hehe nice to see u've finally decided to share some of ur experience so u can get some competition +1, u SHOULD follow his training, trust me, i've been in that position with him and i had what to learn:)

    Greetings old friends:)

    From what i know destroying reapers, you get caught in explosion when you shoot the thing that triggers the entire process of wiping out the reapers, idk for sure anyway indeed how the fck a entire fleet still there and joker runs like a bitch?, a lot of things doesn't fit and again wtf joker had liara when i had her on my fcking team, and fcked her in 1 and 3, again grrr annoying the first pc game that pissed me off more than Lineage 2

    It was claimed to have 16 different endings, but not matter how you did play it you felt like a renegade in any possible way, and no, i never heard of and end where Shepard survives, i know about:

    -He chooses to destroy Reapers, and dies in explosion, all buildings are damaged and ppl survives, ofc the entire fleet in space it's destroyed along with reapers. and this end i know it's changed a bit at least 2 more times, things like buildings destroyed or not, ppl wiped out or not and so on

    - the second was the one choosing to control them in which he get indoctrinated and ofc somehow he's the "trigger" to explosion in which the main idea from what i understood was him to become and artificial life form having he's mind and thoughts still intact and still have free will in deciding what to do with reapers, ofc all mass relays destroyed and same gay ending with normandy at some shit ass planet all smiley and gay as if they acomplished something, Tali if you'd have choosed to let Geth upload the reapers code, kills herself, in that case Legion and Tali dies both...

    -i only heard about the third one, but ppl explained clear never survives in any ending, but it's the possibility to synthetics with organics, which favors only fucking Joker with EDI

    Anyway which of this 3 endings either has a different explosion colour or a main concept is the Citadel get's destroyed, well in 1 or 2 so called average endings the citadel is not destroyed. Still fuck them for ruining a good "movie" i'd rather go back to gothic series, but even Gothic 4 was a big piece of crap with nothing hardcore in it and no freewill, yeah 15-16 endings my ass, different explosion textures, plus that pissed me off more, i fucked Liara in all 3 series to see her with Joker at the end, hoping for sure might be a bug since Liara should be death from the moment my final team was Liara-EDI, GRRRRRRRRRR!

    They deserved it, for a game who costed how much? 60 dolars? and to release DLC at same time for another 10 dolars, it's what i call fuck them all, so don't speak with me about excuses i did play before games from torrents and went bought them for respect, but to see this whole shit of making fun of their own fans and take advantage to get as much money they can....

    Thx for the great times here, was fun but atm i say good bye, maybe some day i'll be back.

    [CFPD]Az/\zel out.

    P.S. Crysis you're a bitch:D

    1: Probably cus of lack of ideas and time.

    2:Cus... i don't really care, but i know it's gonna be laggie

    3:Coal gats looks pretty good for me, from what i know made by humans

    I meant that it is indeed very possible for ppl to have succesfull hacks on CF, i don't hide anything:) I'm not special on CF, just a medium player:D maybe less:)

    Unfortunately i had the chance to read some more spamming annoying shits out there, and seen how much mud can be trown on both sides, it's a bit sad, personaly i had chance to hear out loud both sides, mates who didn't share the same point of view, on TS some was doing same "police are dogs", officer mates same "PX are dogs meant to destroy everything", and so on...

    Indeed i know for sure that server logg somehow it is almighty and for sure OP had the chance to know for sure who tryed to modify shits, hack, crash,script etc etc, and i somehow want to believe was a good reason to get them out.

    Haters gonna hate, hackers or shitheads will do what they know better, it's a bit lame cus this game somehow it was suposed to be a easy one, i mean wtf it is Freelancer not something that you need to script or have idk what magic aim or magic strafe.

    It's sad seeing ppl manipulating a game so they can lag, so they can script, maybe some to actualy pass that almighty server anti hack, there's nothing like impossible even on CF... never been anywhere not in the MMORPGs i used to play, i've seen enough bot type cheats , enough auto targets, enough scripts, enough payed monthly cheats which was updating from chronicle to chronicle, oh even those payed cheats i've seen them cracked by other smart guys:D

    Again, it is sad, a simple game, simple rules combined with some players who thinks personal RL issues must be taken even in a game, if you're a thief a policeman a shithead in RL doesn't mean you have to act same on a forum, in a game, in a comunity...

    Best regards and sry if i used worthless speech for some ppl who won't ever be able to understand.

    Ty for your double concern about that post of mine, since you're one of the so called GRs and 2 other GRs posted 2 days in a row announcing the ASF/CSF battle as taking place in S 13 and Texas, and all FL players who doesn't have propper license to participate was warned not to get in to those systems while having a battle, considering i was in SOL not long before starting the so called battle of Texas which was more a battle of swearings and theory, when server crashed 2 times in a row and i pmed you asking you if a certain person again has internet modem issues and crashes the server, saying clear that i was in a 300k run in SOL getting my ship in Texas for the ASF / CSF battle, yes there wasn't discussed at all.

    There wasn't day in the last 2 weeks when ppl didn't brag about that even, so don't dare to tell me at least one SMG command member didn't hear of this event, i meana fter all, i heard, and never really needed to read forum for tactics or things Michael spammed even in the ASF section.

    Was a big fail on both sides, but for someone who's suposed to actualy know stuff and after claims didn't even heard of any battle it's just lame. This wasn't a AD vs Michael or DSC vs PX, this was suposed to be fun, so stop butthurting.

    Personaly i'm out of any ASF vs CSF activities and i'll take care to remove the ASF tagged char and give up my other llicenses, have fun. Again Morons!

    Soul it's a romanian guy , ex Kpra@ he's having indeed the tag registered and he was recruited by Shock , he was surprised ppl from clan doesn't really play but he said any way he's not that much in to pvp so he'll just stick up with the trade and "dirty" bmg.

    Anyway horatio, DON'T involve GR business in to your personal problems with Blk Ops, if anyone sees him somehow and realises he's under a fake tagged char , that clan is the one resposimble to report him via throw ticket system, as long as noone said anything the guy is fine and it's none of your business to even make a thread asking about BLK OPS.

    Being a GR doesn't mean you're a "justice league" member, the "bad guys" like pirates has GRs too.
    No offense, keep up your good work with the server, greetings.

    I've been pretty much in one way in the last here it is:

    Lineage 2(~ 5 years)
    Gothic all series
    The witcher
    Age of empires 3
    Fifa up till 2010 after only PES
    NFS most of the series more or less
    Audiosurf!!!!!! a lot, improves your mouse reflexes:D

    As you can see i'm not really the FPS type:) and most of those games were while i was playing L2 like crazy:D Maybe i forgot some but i guess weren't that important.

    I say, morons, this was discussed, and in game was bragged 2 days continously by 2 different GRs, so as far as i'm concerned , go back to the let's count to 10001021001 and backwards, spam the off topic ass much as possible.
    Respect for the ones who actualy tryed to do something, rest, just some sheeps.