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    Such a good read of all the comments, thanks all for contributing to my thread.

    I have spent a long time considering the answers given above, comparing apples with oranges etc.

    This thread was about the battleship.
    Why no bats or bots for the battleship?
    If you have very long range VHF weaponry why not have the BS weapon range increased to counter this?

    Why no shields for specific weapon types? I was informed that it was impossible to have shields for specific weapon types for battleships due to code restrictions, I know now this is untrue and have evidence to prove it can be done.

    Freelancer is a epic game and should be of epic proportions. Having played Crossfire 2.0 and discovery 4.8x, i wish the two could combine to make one special freelancer. Imagine a game that is owned by the community for the community and not controlled and restricted by one entity

    haha i like SWAT_OP-R8R reply, "no" How about being more specific?

    wouldn't even consider adding it in the later stages whilst in the inner core, no trade functionality nothing at all whilst flying around.

    Why not add trade routes or means to buy equipment from the DK even allying with the enemies of DK and trading within their ZOI

    Just so restrictive, what a shame.

    I accept this to be a sad affair...My intention was NOT for the battleship to be invincible but at least better than the piss poor effort that has been made of it thus far...

    I accept that CF 2.0 is primarily a single player mod and not really a serious contender to a top rated freelancer multiplayer experience.

    Curious why no comment was made in regards to the single server ;-)

    I wish the CF community well, i hope all who play this mod enjoys the experience, as single player was a lot of fun.

    Chron1c signing off

    Nicely put...

    Nonetheless it is a shame that such a fine Freelancer mod such as CF 2.0 is going to be relegated to "good single player mod" but the multi player is a little naff and stuffy. Only one server, and if your ping is poor (ping of 300+) then no chance of ever being a contributing member of the community as it wouldn't be enjoyable, so playing CF 2.0 on a local server offering a ping that will give a player a fair chance when PvP will never happen, so relegates those from Australia and pacific region nations unable to to enjoy the mod for what purpose it was made.

    Also if you have played freelancer as long as I have, I have done VHF to death and want something more...dynamic and fun than another VHF bash fest. I know this for a fact, many more old freelancer players feel the same.

    All I asked for is for the BS to be made more fun and dynamic but no...very sad indeed.

    If the human BS was "more" when the big scrap by the black hole (in single player) would have been more of a contest than in the end a suicide run having to end it...

    I love the CF universe, it is huge and diverse in the places to go and the enemies one can meet, also the challenges one can have, thank you so much Swat_OP-R8R for providing this wonderful Mod for Freelancer...

    I was wondering, what if... Crossfire 2.0 merged with Discovery 4.877 I mean wow would that be the ultimate in Freelancer fun! Imagine what that would deliver to those people desiring the ultimate MOD for Freelancer.

    There is no need to flame me for this thread, it is just a thought and worthy of discussion, kind of a fantasy as we all know that will never happen as I know from personal experience Swat_OP-R8R does not like to have more than one server and Discovery has multiple servers, I mean who want to play with 300+ ping as it is not a good look when you face someone in PvP with 30 ping haha.

    I play the CF multi player with 300 ping and at times it is unplayable, but i don't do any PvP so it's ok and im patient :-)


    Thank you all for such awesome replies, very informative.

    I'm aiming for coalition turrets as they have the most bang for buck. Range is an issue in altair as gatt's have significant range so do the Dom ships, so short range weapons are just not workable.

    As for the inner cloud...if i can get the damned thing to dock with speed ill have some fun...last time i went in there i got caught up with mines, wasn't paying attention when in cruise lol :-) Oh yes there is another way to get the inner cloud and it isn't just Omega 3 ;-) not gonna say where coz that isn't fair, as perhaps you ought to look for yourself lol.

    Without seeming like a nag...Oh please dev please gimme more turrets on my battleship in the next update it so needs them ;-) Oh and Swat_OP-R8R the whole point was for the battleship to be out of balance with the fighter lol.

    Chron1c wrote:
    to blast through the inner core and kick some dom butt

    Every change you demand would skip the intended balance for fighters and make cf something .... that's NOT CF anymore.

    Lets look into that comment...shall we? What IS CF but a mod of Freelancer, right? Fighters are old news most long term players of Freelancer have done VHF to death and seek something more fun, and the scope and size of the CF universe would make for a lot of fun to be had. I have a perfect example, I was looking through the Freelancer servers the other day and say 100+ people on the 24/7 RP Discovery server! I mean why is that? Surely not because of the VHF they have to offer...Perhaps it is number of different types of ships big and small, the different ways to make money form trading to mining or is it the vast number of places to visit...I don't know, but when I log into the CF 2.0 server I never see more that 20 at any time. Most of the time it is <10 people...So what IS CF?

    Thank you all for your replies.

    1, I am aware of the issues with docking as it is apparent with other mods :-) just thought perhaps the dev's may have sorted it. My main gripe is with the bottom trade lane in altair even with f3 it is a pain. Nonetheless thanks for the input upon this issue ;-)

    2, Yes about 200 bots and bats but again what with removing them, they become important when facing multiple NPC BS as I like hunting then down as NPC VHF are easy (unless your in altair with multiple VHF using gattlings, found that out the hard way). Still wouldn't hurt having them...

    3, As i'm not experienced in the nuance of what the FL engine can do or not do, so I cannot comment upon this, but it seems a shame that the Battleship shield is so limited, oh well thanks for putting me in my place, but i'm sure the discovery mod has something there but haven't played it since it first come out so cannot remember.

    4, Here I sense a little defensiveness with the replies... I have played freelancer and all sorts mods for the past 10 years OMG perhaps even longer jezz i must be an ol fart! Still I'm not saying i'm super skilled or what ever but I am very handy with a gun lol :-P I have been flying battleships in the CF universe since since CF ver 1.6 as well as many other mods so I know my way around. Anyways back to the firepower point... My character in RP is a criminal, and who has through means of deception bought a liberty BS. This criminal is complaining that this boat ain't got no punch and I want to put some more weapons on it so I have an edge against house VHF squadrons and BS's...Surely something can be done! This character works alone without support so generally pick fights without how about a little love huh? Come on dev's surely you can add one ore two more turrets to the BS/DN?! How about a mortar or two?!

    Yes it is CF ver 2.0, but nonetheless with the very long ranged and rapid firepower of VHF the BS/DN are impotent and should be able to be used effectively in an autonomous manner as not every one can hang with 2-3 others for support as you fly through hostile space. if you have billions what can you spend it on other than different flavor VHF or impotent capital ships and or waste of time trains...Kinda limiting for those wanting to blast through the inner core and kick some dom butt, this is a game and should be fun, reality is different, so why cant BS's and DN have more turrets? The discovery mod has made capital ships fun, so why can't the CF mod?


    Hi All :-)

    I have been flying around a nice wee battleship and I have to say it is very frustrating.

    1, Docking; Docking in jump holes (especially inner core) and trade lanes (especially altair) is very difficult and time consuming as in lining it all up...i wish this could be looked into.

    2, Bots and bats: WTF? I mean come on why have none to use? every other vessel has them and i cannot figure why in a battleship you cannot use them...madness

    3, Shields; why is it that there are no way to upgrade the strength of the shield against various types of weapons. This is a very sad over sight as any pod farming in altair for example, in the battleship is pointless. Surely a graviton or molecular battleship shield should be on offer somewhere...How about shield regen upgrade? With the length of time this mod has been in service throughout the years why is it these options never been developed for battleships? Why not have a super expensive battleship option for battleships?

    4, Firepower: 8 guns and 2 pathetic flak guns and some near useless torps...Oh come on! it is a battleship it should sprout guns from all sorts for different enemies from other battleship to bombers to VHF. This was the saddest aspect of the mod the firepower is pathetic on a battleship. It is a shame the dev's couldn't have the courage to look at and apply some of the neat ways the discovery ver 4.877 mod made Battleships fun to fly and use.

    I so humbly ask the dev's to please consider changing the battleship/DN and consider including my suggestions in an upcoming update.

    A battleship/DN and or carriers encounter should be feared not laughed at by VHF pilots


    Hi all,

    As the subject states, I have finished the SP mode of crossfire...

    Though the graphics are beautiful and in the whole a fabulous achievement for all concerned. BUT surely the last thing can't be "get a job"?!
    A statement as you finish "a new hypergate is found in coalition space..." "to be continued!"

    I missed something here, surely. The whole point of going through hell and back again, killing off those fecking ancients and then Venn!!! Then the inner core hostiles!!!! to end up with a lame finish? I was suprised that there wasnt more, as a reward for all that hard work etc, much like what the coalition was when discovered, e.g. New ships, weps and equipment all sorts of trading and exploration opportunities. Yet nothing was found to purchase (in the inner core) other than bots/bats, some trading but not alot, nothing in comparison. Sorry If I offend but I was suprised and disapointed to be frank...

    i was wondering why the DomKavash didnt attack, why is it that they left
    sirus? What was it that they were scared of? and what is it with the
    ancients and that ship with the uber sheild in devon?

    So many unanwered questions...

    I have played both top mods for Freelancer, Crossfire 1.9 and Discovery 4.85.

    Crossfire disapointed for these reasons:

    • Pain in the arse to install, too many hoops to jump through
    • Only one server!
    • With the difficulies for the non european players to play crossfire multi player, lagg >250+ ping
    • Battleships are lame and under strength, poorly armed (None to very little variation in weapon diversity for cap ships) and unsheilded and too cheap
    • Not enough types of capital ships to purchase including battleships, gunships, cruisers, destroyers an even bombers

    I would give crossfire 1.9 a 6 /10 where I would give discovery 4.85 a 8/10.

    It is my opinion that Discovery is a superior mod. Though if the discovery mod had Sol and the rich diversity of Coalition/Dom kavash space, it would be the best mod ever.

    Thanks to those that gave mne the opportunity to play and test this Mod.


    It's done!!!

    All that was wrong was the position of the installation into the flmm directory...

    Thank you to all that assisted me with this problem, it was greatly appreciated :)

    Furthermore, I would like like to say thankyou to those that spent the time deveoping this mod, fabulous effort! Bringing back to life an old game, both multiplayer and single player, cheers to you all!

    Unfortunatly my experiences on multiplayer are sad as the lag kills what ever enjoyment I may have, it is a shame there is not an australasian crossfire server. So i will once again experience that single player mode, to see what you peeps have been up too and what is all the fuss is about ;)


    I did as was instructed, im using flmm 1.31 and re installed everything, On activation I couldnt find any slider or any option when selecting the mod, could you please do a screen shot of this?

    Is there any other way that I can play this game without all this stuff, once upon a time i was able to just dump all the crossfire stuff into the freelancer directory and run the crossfire exe and it worked perfectly, damned shame this really :(

    OMG that doesn't show up at the time of activation :(

    I see a progress bar, then when it is finished the crossfire reference is ticked within flmm.

    When I install the mod, I install it into the mods directory, is this correct?

    Why is it I dont get the pop up?

    I also am missing CF_CL.dll, this comes up when attempting to download the MP files on the intial pop up to select SP or MP.


    I have played on the 1.7a version for a short time, but the lag was too bad for untill lately I have played using the discovery mod.

    Hi all,

    Ok I have examined the event viewer and it appears the faulting module is common.dll version 6.0.6002.18327.

    Obviously the faulting application was freelancer.exe :)

    I tried the above c++ stuff still no good.


    Thank you all for your valuable replies.

    It was a fresh install, I deleted all files in reference to freelancer as was instructed on the installation instruction page...

    I used fmm 1.31 as instructed, it successfully activated :) without issue.

    I am using Vista 64bit sp2 buisness, my hardware high end (too bad about my dodgy OS choice :D), so hardware isnt an issue, all windows updates are up to date, as it were but the C++ stuff I will look into as you could be onto something there.

    I will get back to you all after I have tested with the newer C++ stuff

    Thanks again

    I followed the crossfire 1.9 installation instructions to the letter, I searched the forums and could find not solution for my delema.
    Activation was successful but the game wouldnt run, not even the intro, mucked around as i got frustrated and got the intro but crashed at the end of it. I have vista 64bit sp2,

    I have exhausted all tries at getting this going and I would so like to play the single player game, so please if anyone could help I would be so greatful.


    P.S All other Freelancer mods other than the crossfire versions run perfectly...