CTD after selecting 'Start Crossfire Singleplayer' in menu (Windows 10/Parallels M1 Macbook)

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  • Hi all,

    I have been a longstanding Freelancer fan and wanted to play a mod that also allowed me to play the singleplayer campaign, and ended up with crossfire, of course. I am playing the game on an apple Macbook M1 chip, with parallels (windows 10). I can play the regular freelancer just fine, but with the crossfire mod installed I have run into some issues. I updated the game completely through the Crossfire launcher, and am able to start the game and enter the main menu. However, when I click the play singleplayer campaign button it loads for a while and then crashes to desktop with the code 'Crossfire Exit 00000001'. I have tried numerous reinstalls and other options such as activating direct play/NET framework etc, but I cannot seem to get it to work. Is this a known issue and is there a fix? Thanks!

  • Hello mervel23, welcome here on portal!

    I searched here for possible Macbook sollution but it seems it was not resolved. Maybe SWAT_OP-R8R could help with that, but I thnk there are not high chances to get CF mod running on macbook. Even windows had serious issues due changes done to directx with new versions :(

  • Pretty hard to tell what the issue might be.

    Code 00000001 just means that FL closed normally (no crash).

    Potentially something external terminated the FL process. Dunno.

    Without detailed crash logs from event viewer (if such even exist) it won't be possible to tell for sure where the problem is.

    However, it might be worth trying to check if changing shader options on the launcher settings will fix the issue. If vanilla FL is working then maybe one ofthe vanilla shader options might do the trick.

    Also worth checking if there are any leftover savegames that could be incompatible. I doubt it since the crash would have happened even before reaching the main menu in this case but I have absolutely no idea if FL would run differently on Mac.



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