Ukrainian War

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  • Good evening to my brothers in arms (fortunatelly virtual ;) ) trying to find a reason for update server not available (E000000AA) and bumped into this topic.

    Double standards, hypocritic views, lies, lies lies and yes from both sides, but gues who is louder this time (like many times before :))
    I must admit that stereotip about bad guys, like bad Russians in Hollywood sometimes put me on the edge of the close to hysteric laughing ,but after 90; it wasnt that funny cos ma man jumped directly in that skin. Little if anything is truth when it comes about bad guys, no matter Vietnam, Corea, Cammbodga, Iraqi, Iran, Lybia, and i must admit i didn;t care too much, but when my people went on that list i started to read and listen much more carefully, and to use analitics skills for good and for sake of keeping my mind in healthy conditions, keeping my eyes and ears open.

    I will tell nothing then this: when u ban all other media, then theres only one side remains>>>Yours side of the truth>
    My point of view is quite simple, if thera are Jenkies "defending" someone i know what will happen next, and iam by defults against ( i know why and have all human rights to think and act like that)

    People are usually blind after they take sides and especially when it comes to listen each other arguments, i mean each other.
    To run an arrgumented discussion as this one, you had have to know history and geopolitics and you have to know how and to hear voices from both sides, but i think that Angela said enough for those who wants to listen, and this is a part of answer at your question from the beginng, which was "Why?"

    War is shit, but shit happens!