Server issues fixed

  • Today I discovered a bunch of misconfigurations on the server which most certainly caused a good amount of issues on the CF server in the past weeks.

    Clearly my fault since I overlooked that stuff when moving the Crossfire to a new MP Server and with that even changed the file access structure to improve the server performance.

    This clearly explains why certain server features refused to work in the past weeks and might also explain certain instabilities.

    I think that I have found all the values that require adjustments but that is something we will see in the next few days.

    The old server event messages should appear again, bounties should work more reliable again, pvp stats should soon be working again (this stuff requires the server to do some automatic stuff tomorrow) and a good bunch of other minor issues should be fixed now.

    We need to observe if the changes take effect in the next few days and I also need to observe the server stability a bit in the next few days since I am not 100% sure if the now produced data is 100% compatible.



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