The Big Race

  • Greetings Fellow Pilots

    After Awakening from My Cryo Sleep

    and Finding That My i9 X299Pro/ GeForceRTX 2080

    God Damn Machine !

    Needed to be Kicked Back into the Dark ages, Bios x 2 Killed

    Re-Educated / Deprived of Power / Threatened with a 12 Pound Sledge Hammer !!!

    It has Finally come around to my way of Thinking :)

    So I Will be Starting up my Event Managers Role Again


    I hear you :)

    That is all I have Atm

    Tribbs ...


    :salutesFools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread :patsch: :salutes
    :salutes A Fool and Their Credits are Easily Parted :D
    :salutes Softly, Softly, Catchy Freelancer :P:salutes
    :salutes SMILE :) It Breaks up the Time Between Disasters :thumbsup:
    :salutes I can Only Please one Person Per Day.Today is Not Your Day And Tomorrow does Not Look Good Either :thumbdown: :salutes