Cannot play crossfire

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  • I followed the normal instructions but when i wanted to activate my Crossfire i saw that it was already installed before
    I didnt have Crossfire installed before
    When i try to start the game it goes until the Freelancer screen after the intro...After that it just closes
    Also isnt there supposed to be a launcher?

  • if there is no launcher then something is completely wrong with the way you tried to install the mod.

    The mod only shows as activated if it was activated before. FLMM only can mark mods as activated if certain settings were written into the config. That's not possible if the mod never was active before.

    You can try to delete the fl folder manually and then use the restore backups function in flmm.

    Then you have to install fl again and then you can try to activate Crossfire via FLMM. But check the settings in FLMM first that the correct FL folder is selected.



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  • I've respond here> Cannot play crossfire - SWAT Portal .... it seems to me as if the mod was not activated at all.

  • Hi Ramnuss,

    Additional instructions in case the others won't work for you:

    1) Download Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download (the Free version should do you the job, you can even download it as Portable).

    2) Remove the game and in case it asks you for a restart, DON'T because you need to use the leftovers scanner afterwards to remove any leftovers it detects.:

    You can even go manually into the Registry and remove completely all leftovers (sometimes not all gets deleted), but you don't need to do that, so no worries.

    3) Go to your Documents directory and remove the whole Freelancer folder (If you have Saved Games, you should back them up first):

    4) Go over to your FLMM folder and use its default uninstaller:

    The possible reason you had Crossfire already activated prior to that, was probably because you didn't remove FLMM properly, no worries... it happens.

    After you've successfully removed Freelancer and its leftovers, then I guess you already know:

    1) Install Freelancer
    2) Install FLMM
    3) Install Crossfire
    4) Activate Crossfire
    5) Play

    - Hope this helps, take care!


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