Crash during Sprague cutscene

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  • Hello all, just getting back into FL after probably a decade. I'm going through the original storyline and haven't had any problems yet (well, except for the 9 times it took to install correctly). But I'm getting a crash at the same point every time, after Trent and Juni land on the planet Sprague after fighting the Rhineland ships. The landing animation plays, as well as their first conversation after they exit the ships, but right after Trent says "... and get him the hell out of here!", the screen freezes, and Crossfire exits. The log just states "Crossfire Exit - Code1". I use Reshade DX10 as this is the only setting that will allow the game to launch.

    Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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  • A few things that might be an issue in my opinion:

    1. Do you have an Anti-virus installed? Maybe it deleted a certain file

    2. Did you let the installer install everything? (all net. updates bla bla)

    3. If you had Freelancer installed prior to installing Crossfire again, did you delete Freelancer and all of its registry entries and files before installing Freelancer freshly?

    I'm not an expert, OP or someone else will probably reach out to you soon and probably solve the issue. But these might be helpful to go over as well.

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  • 1. The computer is an old Win7 machine that is rarely connected to the internet, so all anti-virus has been disabled.

    2. Installer was allowed to complete and launcher updates are done

    3. Freelancer was installed previously, but I followed the instructions to remove everything from my system and clean the registry.

    Only thing I can think of is that I installed to default location (program files x86). Although everything else in the game up until now has worked, so I'm not sure it's a bad install.

  • Hi nuformz,

    It sounds to me like a corrupted installation, especially when you said that you reinstalled it for a number of times which messed up the files because every time that you remove a software, it leaves leftover files in the registry and throughout your drive and if you install the same software again, it might lead to a corrupted installation (if you didn't remove them prior to that).

    So by saying that you cleaned up your registry is hard to tell, because you either didn't clean it up (if you used a software like CCleaner -> that's not how you remove leftover files) or the other files throughout your drive. I can tell you how to remove those files, but in case you don't want to do that just yet, you can send me your Save (here or via PM) and I'll bypass your crash.

    Your game saves are located in Documents / My Games / Freelancer / Accts / SinglePlayer

    Edit: By the way, you can also try changing your Shader Options (via the Launcher prior to start).

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  • Sorry for the long time between replies. I tried deleting everything and re-installed to a different folder. Upon second play through, I'm still getting the same crash at the same time. How do you bypass the crash?

  • dunno, there should be no crash at all

    If there is a bug in the mod we would by now have many similar reports but there was none.

    Either something is not installed correctly or there is an issue with the samegame. Maybe it is worth to try loading a older one.



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  • Sorry for the long time between replies. I tried deleting everything and re-installed to a different folder. Upon second play through, I'm still getting the same crash at the same time. How do you bypass the crash?

    Sorry? No need to apologize, don't worry.

    Try this guide here: I'm back

    You can skip the Manual Registry cleaning if you wish... Revo removes everything that's necessary, but if you want to do a complete removal -> go ahead.

    AND if it still doesn't work, just send me your save and I will bypass it for you.

  • I'll send you my save game. I'd still like to know how you bypass the crash so I can do it myself if I have further issues.

  • You got a PM.

    I thought that the reason for the crash might be due to corrupted installation, the same crash (or freeze) happens with the California Minor mission where Trent & Juni meet the Rheiland for the first time.

    But the reason was that your Autosave was corrupted, but I managed to bypass it and let you out of the crash, so please next time don't use Autosaves. ;)

    PS: You were right mate ( Martind Forlon), it seems that the Original Campaign could also be affected.

  • Right... I forgot to mention that, sorryeeeeei. ^^

    Well, pretty simple... since the Autosave was corrupted, the only logical solution was to try with another save and luckily the game makes those: "Mission 01... 02... 03... 04 etc." saves and so I took advantage of it when it auto-created it and when I bypassed the crash, I waited at the first chance to dock at a base so that can I make a custom save and send it to you.

    I hope it won't bother you again, but in case it does, you can try it also.

    Anyway, have fun and I'm glad that it worked out. ;)