Minor updates and Menu issues

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  • I started doing a good bunch of minor updates to the website yesterday with the result that one of the updated components contained a small bug.

    That resulted in an issue that blocked the Portals main menu and its sub-menus.

    If your first thought was "whats wrong with my stupid browser today?" - > nope that wasn't the issue.

    I meanwhile found a solution to the problem and everything should be working fine again.

    However, if you still encounter issues you can report them here.



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  • perfect, thx! ... I saw it on my phone (FF browser) thinking what it could be (upper menu bar vanished). This above explains it and now it is fully working again :sehrgut:

  • I did experience some avatar issues, I mean... instead of the circle, it had the square, but it's all good now. ;)

    Also the header had some issues, but it seems to be fixed as well.

    Great job as always, OP.

  • I'm always nervous about doing any updates. I assume you mean doing that " ….. do you want to update before opening ….. " or something like that at start up. I worry the update will corrupt my perfectly ok version. You need to remember you a talking to a complete computer tech. novice and I think I'm one of many. I just don't understand and in truth don't really want to. Just let me play CF2.0. Should I constantly update? <X