SinglePlayer laucher button always asks if I want to update.

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  • Hi,

    Installed the Crossfire 2.0 mod for FL and, when starting the Launcher, it does an update of about 1600 files. All good here.

    Then, I click the Launcher SinglePlayer button and he tells me there is an update for it. I say 'Yes' and he does another update of 79 files. No problem here either.

    But, every single time I go play the game and click the Launcher SinglePlayer button it, again, tells me there is an update for the game. If I press 'Yes', it does the exact same update of those 79 files...EVERYTIME!!!

    Is there a way I can click the Launcher SinglePlayer button and go straight into the game? Or, is it normal for it to always ask me for the update when clicking said button?

    Thank you. :thumbsup:

  • It is normal that it asks for update for SP. These updates change daily, that's how the Dynamic Economy is faciliated on the MP server, so it's not a big deal if you click "no". At least, if there were no major updates.

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  • Hi Ajay,

    Thank you for your reply. :thumbup:

    I understand these updates may happen daily but, what I meant is, it asks me if I want to update the game every time I click the SinglePlayer button. Mainly what I'm suggesting is if the 'update question' should appear only when there is actually an update to be made?

    But, clicking 'No' to the question will do as well. It's just a minor nuisance. X/