Event Managers Take Time to Try :)

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  • Hello Fellow Pilots This is Just a Little Poke to (Hmm ? How can I say this) Refresh your Brain Space That All Event Managers Take (PRECIOUS)Time Out Of Their Life Spans to Bring You FUN & CREDITS & TROPHY'S & More FUN. So if You See an EVENT That is ON PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND! Meet Fellow PILOTS Talk Have .... WAIT for IT MORE FUN :00002047::00008698::00008643: .

    Also! Even if you Think That you Would Not Be Good Enough to Take Part

    I Say "RUBBISH" Just Give it a GO You Never Know What will Happen

    Just for Participation in an EVENT to My Knowledge( that is a bit Suspect some times! )

    The Minimum Prize for Participation is Approx 5+ Million !!

    So it is a No Brainer

    Once Again Thanks To ALL The PILOTS that Take Their PRECIOUS TIME out of

    Their Life Spans To Take Part....


    That is All From Me ATM...... |EM|Tribbs ........ OUT...........


    :salutesFools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread :patsch: :salutes
    :salutes A Fool and Their Credits are Easily Parted :D
    :salutes Softly, Softly, Catchy Freelancer :P:salutes
    :salutes SMILE :) It Breaks up the Time Between Disasters :thumbsup:
    :salutes I can Only Please one Person Per Day.Today is Not Your Day And Tomorrow does Not Look Good Either :thumbdown: :salutes

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  • :king:kingYes and one of the best events to check for and try to do is the TOUR of the UNIVERSE which happens daily

    type /gti

    to get tour information :) :)

    check the time and try to do it

    even if it's started jump in anywhere and you will get 1Million per sector visited :) :)

    easy money and fun on the way

    this has been my most attended event - make it yours too :) :)

    also I have done a few Hive Races, (Nomad Hunt & Zeno Hunt) one time each :) :) attended on sight

    Allways looking out to take part if I can :) :)

    :thumbsup::thumbsup: it's sllways fun to fly:bfantasydreams::bfantasydreams:

    ==========================???:?::!::?:(HiRUGAs' WEB) :?::!::?:???=========================

    Red Red White Center @Sun Exit Red Green Red Orange White Center & Your Out ..........End of Line :) :)

  • I know that I have been AWOL lately, but I do try to attend whatever events that I can, my biggest issue is that a lot of the events are at a time that aint good for me cause of my timezone.

    All of the events can be a lot of fun. I have even found that certain events that didn't really interest me provided a lot of fun. Seen a few newish players do quite good at these events and they will get help from the more experienced players.

  • I have participate in one event,my mentor persuaded me to come, it was really great,not just because of reward what i get...(oke,i like it extremely,must to admit)actually because of help from other pilots.I didn't have maps,had Miner,so i got lost in no time,killed once,landed back to Arena and wanted to give up,was ashamed and so,but someone helped me,so i finished.But,i cant expect from others to spend they time on me,and i will participate in every event as soon i recall my memories,,,and I'll be ready to.