A question about the side stories

  • Hi guys,

    as I had such a fun playing Crossfire I decided to play the story once more. When I was in the Order HQ I declined the next mission because I wanted to find the side story about Epsilon Eridani. And I was sucessful. Fine bonus mission.

    Next I wanted to return to the Order HQ to play the next mission. But when I had returned to earth I got a message to help a ship which was attacked by the nomads. OK fine. I found this transporter near Jupiter but I could not help. The transporter exploded although I had killed the nomad battleship.

    Now my problem: I got a message box ending with "Maybe there is more out there" and a save game was created "side story 3: ???". I didn't what to do so I returned to the Order HQ. BUT: In the bar there is neither Juni nor King and I cannot play the next mission.

    Can anybody help me? What have I to do?