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  • Hi, I'm new here!

    First of all, thank you for having developed this amazing mod. I can't describe how happy I'm right now! I'll surely donate something as soon as I get a job :)

    I have a question about the options of the mod when you activate it. As Huor warns( Crossfire 2.0 - Activation), once chosen and activated you can not switch to another option easily. Mainly this means to do the whole installation and activation process again.

    Does it mean that I have to re-install FL(clean installation), FLMM and CF again? or can I re-install only CF and FLMM?

  • a full reinstallation is adviced since flmm can not deactivate mods of such a size correctly



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  • GiDiN .. greetings and welcome here on Portal. Please look into our FAQ (Crossfire section), there is more useful advices how to reinstall faster (if this need to be); and also be sure to look first on options which are in mod launcher, some things (like cursor look) can be easily changed there.

  • Martind Forlon I only noticed now your message! I'm sorry!

    Yes, I found a very useful document here on this portal with every details for a succesful reinstallation...and it worked! I haven't had any problems so far (any crash, etc.) and, of course, I changed the options as well.

    To be honest, the game crashes when I begin to explore the Custodian System. Am i supposed to avoid that system before starting the main quest of this mod perhaps?

    Beyond that, I'm finding this mod really cool to play, especially for the mechanics related to commerce (very enjoyable to be a trader, even if sometimes there are some absurdly short trading routes which allow to gain a lot of money) and bounty hunter (selling prisoners, nice soundtrack for the prisons XD).

    Amazing work! Thank you again!