What's your favouritre class 9/10 gun/weapon combination?

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  • There are much more advanced weapons in CF mod, some are easier and some harder to acquire. For gun setup is important to remember that chosen ones should have ideally similar projectiles speed. In this regard (except codenames) are very nice guns called Ancient Energy Cannon. For MP play and server PvP it usually is either 2missiles and 4 guns or 3 missiles (Nemesis Missile Launcher, Cataclysm Missile Launcher and Paralyzer Missile Launcher for example) and 3 guns ( like Coalition Gatling or

    W'ar-sy Propulsor etc.). Then also comes into play CD disruptors (plays vital role in anti-missiles defense) and equipment which can be manufactured on clan bases (all these are only for multiplayer).

    In our CF wiki are also video guides how to much more effectively use weapons with slow fire rate (search for Rapid Fire technique, that one can come very handy also for singleplayer)

  • Not quite favorite, but gets the job done: 4 Coalition Gatlings (used with half-salvo rapid firing) and a Nemesis/Cataclysm pair. CD/T slots is where I tend to specialize chars, but generally it's a Sunslayer torp (for Ancient Drones) and Mosquito CD. Gatlings can be replaced with W'ar-sy Propulsors (either completely or in a 2+2 mix; these guns go along well).

    A temporary setup until the components for the above can be obtained is either full setup of Nomad Energy Blasters, Nomad Energy Cannons or a 2+2 mix of both (depending on what I manage to loot from Nomad Fighters in FP7) as Class 10 and two Disinfector 1s (looted from Kusari Naval Forces wreck in Hokkaido) as Class 9.

    I have also experimented with full sets of alien weapons. I can only add that Ancient Energy Cannons can be supplemented by Buckshot Class 9 BHG particle cannons/turrets, that can be useful for equipping a transport like APC or a ship with forward-firing turrets.

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    -Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

  • Since I have no real experience in CF pvp (just joined recently and I think top ppl online was 6 for now) :) I still focus on getting rich(ish) and killing as hard npc as I can find.

    I just recently replaced my 2xnomad blaster, 2xwildfire mk2, 2x Blue blaze mk2 with 4x DomKavash Annihilator. Main reason was range improvement that I though might help me kill faster and speed improvement which I thought would make them more precise (which is not the case atm).

    As for performance, both are energy-hungry, but sufficient to take down any npc wing I encountered in Sirius... problems started to occur when I fought Coalition guys (who don't drop their Gatlings btw). XD

    I would like to try out ancient cannon + skyblast b combination... but I'm yet to find them and build another character.

    Also, it would be nice to see weapon HUD effectiveness in the weapon stats ((Hu. D.second/ Energy second) because I often divide it manually when I think of setups :P