Systems, Regions and Sectors not Systems, Systems and Sectors

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  • :) :) to me it is right as it is written in system info mate :) :)

    The Clorado System, is a Liberty System in the Sirius Sector.

    Cosider this :) though :)

    a Sector of space & a Region of space could be similar or even the same :) :)

    Conclusion reached after refering to Maps & System info re Crossfire Universe :) :)



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  • Yes ok …… It just seems strange to me the term "System" has a double meaning: a single System or a group of Systems. We could call Sectors a group of Regions, but we don't. A number of Regions has a specific name: a Sector.

    Likewise we call a Star plus associated Planets, or Stars plus associated Planets: a System.

    We have specific names for hopefully singular specific things.

    We have a football league (ie. Sector), a football team (ie, Region) belonging to that league and football players (ie. Systems) belong to that team.

    Sol being called a Sector and a System supports my case. Sol is just another System with its own Sun the Planet Earth, other planets, moons, etc.

    Anyway, I could be wrong, but that's how I see it. Happy to discuss it further. It stimulates my old mind ……. ;)

    EDIT: I've been looking around here at Crossfire 2.0 and must acknowledge my definitions are far removed from what I see here. I also acknowledge SOL is talked about as a System and a Sector. However it doesn't mean I agree with it and my preferences still remain the same.

  • Well, its not uncommon in FL that sectors are named by their center stars.

    Sirius is a star (actually multiple stars) and it is the sector surrounding that star

    Altair is a star and the sector surrounding the star.

    Sol... star and sector.

    If star and sector stuff is the only thing you complain about Im good with it.

    It means you have not noticed yet that the Canis sector is pure nonsense.

    Canis would be the sector surrounding the star Alpha Canis Major.... which is... just a different name for Sirius.

    The Canis sector actually shouldnt exist. *plays X-files theme*



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  • wombat1940

    Changed the title of the thread from “Systems, Regions and Sectors not Systems, Systems and Secctors” to “Systems, Regions and Sectors not Systems, Systems and Sectors”.
  • Thanks mate. I love this: " ……. If star and sector stuff is the only thing you complain about Im good with it. …… " :zocken:

    You ain't seen nothing yet! Wait 'til I start on spelling in thread titles!!! What did I see at this thread ………. Secctors! Disgracefull! Oooops! That was me :blush2:

    I suppose my point is it just adds to the confusion, but as you say: its no big issue and truthfully its too late to change anything. Wombat out.