Vader: Shards of the past

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  • The movie industry is as much controversial has the game industry.

    I get it why the creator of this fan project was not allowed to monetize it.

    It is based on work of other people. I agree with that part.

    But at the same time I dont get how Disney is able to monetize that same movie now. It is not their work.

    If you apply the same rules to both sides then nobody should be able to monetize it. (or monetize it based on a mutual agreement)

    Disney always has been a greedy company. That reaches back to the very first movies and series. The people doing the work never really got the money.

    That is no big secret.

    But the company better should learn from talented creators than to steal from them.

    The last two Star Wars movies were terrible while multiple fan films meanwhile showed how to do it right.



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  • This video looks really good! For this second part ... I really would like to know whether that Disney acting is corresponding with law. It may look clearly like unfair acting, but companies like they are don't care (they start care only when taken into court and lose dispute), and this is applied also in many other situations.

    And for this topic ... similar to gaming industry, these people care only about money, they do not care about fans or support "soul" of star wars. Because they do not live with Star-wars dream, and want only make money out of it, the result is like is ... fan made film is more interesting as these multimiliion made official films.