Battleships vs Dreadnoughts

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  • 1-)What are the diferences between dreadnoughts and battleships? I noticed that according to the wiki dreadnoughts(450k hp) have 100k more hp than battleships(350k hp) and 4(DR) torpedo launchers instead of 2(BS).

    2-)Do any of them have shields because the osiris description implies it has shields.

    3-)Also when fully equipped how much cargo space do you have left?.

    4-)Are dreadnoughts better in all cases or do battleships have some advantage over dreadnaughts for having less hp and torpedo slots?(Like shields or more cargo left, etc.).

  • 1) I think Battleships also cost less as a general rule. Aside from cheapies for ~40M for hull (like Iteron), Battleships cost ~100M and Dreadnoughts ~140M.

    2) They all have shields. But only Liberty Dreadnought - Virginia, Osiris and Liberty Battleship - Iteron have shields that make them immune to cruise disruptors.

    3) Not much. Keep in mind that Battleship Torpedoes also occupy cargo space.

    4) As I said, can't exactly recall what's else about the difference. The shields' stats are hidden, the stats on their agility can't exactly be determined, and they all have the same basic cargo bay. I think it is more on a class-to-class basis: Liberty Dreadnought is better armored and carries more torp launchers, but Iteron is ten flakloads cheaper, smaller and can point all guns directly forward. It was also ugly af back in 1.9.

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