Liberty gunboat cargo in SP

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  • Hey been a long time since i visited here, just put freelancer back onto my computer and wanted to mess around in some SP crossfire. Grinded away missions and combats untill i could afford a liberty gunboat but have found that while its stated having a 200 cargo size, I only have access to 60 before it fills up.

    Curious to get the full space available I sold all the stuff that was fitted to my earlier fighter, i took off the advanced tractor beam i bought (i have put it back on having determined it had no effect on my space) but for some reason despite saying I get 200 space, im missing 140 of it. Would love it someone knew what i was doing wrong lol, I need my extra space.

    heres a scaled down shot of what i see when docked up just those 60 guys and when i mouse over the largest stack it only highlights that small amount of yellow. Nothing else carried or fitted highlights the equivalent of 140, over half my cargohold space is just absent and unaccounted for.


  • I have never really played around with Gunboats before, But if I remember rightly they are like the cruisers and Battleships in that the Guns fitted to your ship take up cargo space.

    Sorry theres no way around that.

    My recommendation is that you check out other planets and find a better ship, Gunboats just aint that good (except for one type of course)

  • for each turrent you mount on them it will take up space . the more you mount the more cargo space you will loose. therefore they are not really good for podding or commodities. there purpose is for attacking or defending against, oposition of the same size.